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Let’s take a little trip back through time.

Waaaaaay back when I got started in this bid’niz, I remember hearing a talk the great Dan Kennedy gave at a System Seminar about Internet marketing for luddites like himself (last I heard, he doesn’t have an email address or carry a cell phone, if that tells you anything).

One of the things he talked about was his “herd.”

That was how he described a list.

In other words, your list is like a herd of cattle that you have in a pen, and come when called whenever you have something to sell.

That makes a lot of folks uneasy.

(I have zero problem with it, personally.)

And so, people started using the word “tribe” instead.

I don’t think tribe is very accurate at all.

At least, not with my list and audience.

Because of the unique way I email my list day after day, and have bonded with them, and gotten to know them, and they’ve gotten to know me, I have exceptional customer loyalty and what I can only refer to as not a herd or a tribe… but a HORDE.

It’s why people are constantly pestering me to mail for them.

And, when I do, I almost always get off the charts response.

How is this the case?

Especially since I don’t have a “big name” or do the affiliate circle jerk-you-mail-for-me-and-I’ll-mail-for-you game?

It’s because of the system I use.

(It sure as hellz ain’t my sparkling personality…)

My email methods increase sales like nothing else.

And, they build businesses like nothing else.

And, they bond people to you like nothing else — so that you are pretty much the only person they read and buy from, ignoring everyone else’s boring emails that put them to sleep.

That is why my methods don’t create a mere herd.

Or, some lame little tribe.

It creates a HORDE.

And I don’t mean that in some mindless zombie way.

I mean it as a horde of passionate, insatiably hungry-to-learn people eager to read and buy from your emails, and cheerfully promote you (unsolicited) to people whenever they get a chance (on webinars, podcasts, public speaking, or just back room telephone chit-chat) — not out of some kind of weak fanboy call for your attention, but because they genuinely want to spread the good news of you and your ways.

You think I exaggerate?

Think what ye will.

But, there’s a reason why my customers so passionately rave.

Why they are so ardently loyal.

And, why they buy, often sight unseen in a lot of cases.

If you want to learn how to do this (using simple daily emails) go ye here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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