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Ben Settle

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Use the button below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious "Email Players" newsletter, plus get access to the 30+ hours of content on the free Ben Settle mobile app…



Good copy intoxicates me. Yours is high proof. I'm enjoying it.

Gary Bencivenga (Universally acknowledged as the world's greatest living copywriter) www.MarketingBullets.com

I think Ben is the light heavyweight champion of email copywriting. I ass-lo think we'd make Mayweather money in a unification title bout!

Matt Furey Zen Master Of The Internet® President of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation www.MattFurey.com

Of all the people I follow there's so much stuff that comes into my inbox from various copywriters and direct marketers and creatives, your stuff is about as good as it gets.

Brian Kurtz Executive vice president, Boardroom Inc. Named Marketer of the Year by Target Marketing magazine www.Boardroom.com www.BrianKurtz.me

I'm so busy but there's some guys like Ben Settle w/incredible daily emails that I always read.

Russell Brunson World class Internet marketer, author, and speaker www.RussellBrunson.com

The business is so big now. Prob 4x the revenue since when we first met… and had you in! Claim credit, as it did correlate!"

Joseph Schriefer (Copy Chief at Agora Financial) www.AgoraFinancial.com

Ben Settle is a great contemporary source of copywriting wisdom. I've been a big admirer of Ben's writing for a long time, and he's the only copywriter I've ever hired and been satisfied with

Ken McCarthy One of the "founding fathers" of Internet marketing www.KenMcCarthy.com

Just want you to know I get great advice and at least one chuckle… or a slap on the forehead "duh"… every time I read your emails!

Carline Anglade-Cole AWAI's Copywriter of the Year Award winner and A-list copywriter who has written for Oprah and continually writes control packages for the world's most prestigious (and competitive) alternative health direct marketing companies www.CarlineCole.com

I've been reading your stuff for about a month. I love it. You are saying, in very arresting ways, things I've been trying to teach marketers and copywriters for 30 years. Keep up the good work!"

Mark Ford aka Michael Masterson Cofounder of AWAI www.AwaiOnline.com

You're damn brilliant, dude…I really DO admire your work, my friend!"

Brian Keith Voiles A-list copywriter who has written winning ads for prestigious clients such as Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Robert Allen, and Gary Halbert. www.AdvertisingMagicCopywriting.com

Ben's emails are PERFECT examples of how to sell with email… how to be a welcome guest in someone's inbox rather than a persistent pest… how to sell with story… and how to create a persona that draws people to you like controversy to Donald Trump.

David Deutsch Freelance copywriter with multi-million dollar controls for the best and biggest mailing houses in the world www.DavidLDeutsch.com

We finally got to meet in person and you delivered a killer talk. Your emails are one of the very few I read and study. And your laid back style.. is just perfect!"

Ryan Lee Best-selling Author "Entrepreneur" Magazine columnist www.RyanLee.com

I start my day with reading from the Holy Bible and Ben Settle's email, not necessarily in that order.

Richard Armstrong A List direct mail copywriter whose clients have included Rodale, Boardroom, Reader's Digest, Men's Health, Newsweek, Prevention Health Magazine, the ASCPA and, even, The Limbaugh Letter. www.FreeSampleBook.com

The f'in' hottest email copywriter on the web now.

David Garfinkel The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach www.FastEffectiveCopy.com

I wake up to READ YOUR WORDS. I learn from you and study exactly how you combine words + feelings together. Like no other. YOU go DEEP and HARD.

Lori Haller ("A-List" designer who has worked on control sales letters and other projects for Oprah Winfrey, Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Jim Rutz, and more.) www.ShadowOakStudio.com

My copywriting skills aren't bad… (They produce a 7-figure income for me), so I know what to look for in a copywriter. And the moment I started reading your work, I was completely mesmerized by it and knew I had to hire you. (In fact, one of your letters was so good I ended up whipping my wallet out to buy the $700 product you were selling!) Since you wrote the new sales letter for our best-selling 'Magnetic Sponsoring' manual, we're selling more than ever. You're definitely #1 on my list of copywriters.

Mike Dillard www.MikeDillard.net

I love your emails. Your e-mail style is stunningly effective.

Bob Bly The man McGrawHill calls America's top copywriter and bestselling author of over 75 books www.Bly.com

Ben has made me tens of thousands of dollars in the past 6 months alone since I started learning his email methods. . .It's changed my business, it's changed my life. . .it's given me the ability to send daily emails, I'm getting constant feedback. They're sharing it, they're forwarding it on to their friends. I'm putting my promos on Facebook when previously I was cared to put emails out, scared to put promotions out, scared to try and sell stuff through email or Facebook. Now I can do it on demand it's been a habit and a very lucrative habit it that.

Michael Cheney One of the "founding fathers" of Internet marketing and world-class affiliate marketer www.MichaelCheney.com

You're an email poet

Nick Usborne 30+ year A-list copywriter Founding father of Web 2.0 copywriting www.NickUsborne.com

The best out there when it comes to email.

Kevin Rogers Copy Chief & former stand-up comic www.CopyChief.com

Ben writes some of the most compelling subject lines I've ever seen, and implements a very unique style in his blog. Honestly, I can't help but look when I get an email, or see a new post from him in my Google Reader.

Dr. Glenn Livingston www.GlennLivingston.com

Under Ben's tutelage and guidance monthly I created a business, from scratch, that was generating me $40k/month."

Dan Meredith World Traveling Copywriter www.CoffeeWithDan.com

Ben has written sales letters for us that have resulted in millions of dollars for us. And probably tens of millions of dollars in ongoing and repeat sales. He's also been one of the most liked and well received speakers and presenters at our No Excuses Summit as well as in the community over here at Elite Marketing Pro

Tim Erway CEO/Founder of Elite Marketing Pro www.EliteMarketingPro.com

Ben is just a genius when it comes to copywriting, when it comes to running your business because you use copy in every single aspect of your business.

Ray Higdon World leading MLM coach and trainer (The coach other MLM multi-millionaires go to when they need help) www.RayHigdon.com

Ben might be a freaking genius. Just one insight he shared at the last Oceans 4 mastermind I can guarantee you will end up netting me at least an extra $100k in the next year.

Daegan Smith www.Maximum-Leverage.com

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  • How to use industry "gossip" to make lots more sales with email. (Every niche and industry has its own "sewing circle" of gossip. And whether that gossip is based on truth, opinion or even downright lies... here's how to use it to increase your sales and profits.)
  • A secret (and 100% ethical and legal) way to profit from spam complaints! (When you know this, you may even look forward to complainers email you.)
  • The bizarre subject line template that's almost guaranteed to explode your open rates wide open every time you use it
  • A non-hypey (almost "sleepy") subject line that gets high open rates virtually every time it's used.
  • Are short subject lines really better than long ones? (The answer may surprise you)
  • A subject line tip I learned while studying an old newspaper advertising genius whose headlines were considered the best of his day. (This is another secret that can increase your open rates right away -- and it's easy, too!)
  • How to use your worst failures to create irresistible subject lines people can't help but open. (Works especially well on the stubborn subscribers who NEVER open your emails!)
  • How to use your PS to slip past peoples' sales defenses. (They won't even realize they're reading a pitch until they've clicked on the order link!)
  • An almost "fool proof" email template that's perfect for doing special sales and product launches. (Best part: It's simple and easy, and has produced many more sales than usual every time I've used it.)
  • What to do if you're not feeling energetic or inspired, but need to get an email out that makes quick sales.
  • The "school yard brawl" subject line that is very hard for male prospects to ignore.
  • A little-known way to profit from older emails you've written months and years ago.
  • An 8 word email opening so naturally curiosity provoking someone would have to be unconscious not to keep reading your email.
  • The George Costanza email marketing secret that: (1) makes it very hard for people on your list NOT to read and (2) can increase your sales substantially every time you use it.
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