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“Email Players” subscriber Lisa Rangel (owner of one of the world’s top executive resume writing service and leadership job search companies, and hardcore email marketer) says:

“I was a women’s president’s conference last week and a marketing consultant told me ‘yeah, email marketing is dead.’ I had to get all Benvangelical on her and Bensplain to her the error of her ways… foolish mortal…”



I will, of course, use and abuse those words henceforth…

Anyway, back to the microphone:

People keep beating this silly email-is-dead drum.

Apparently, Instagram is better.

Or is it Snapchat?

Or Facebook live videos?

I lose track.

I’ve observed over the last 15 years since being in this crazy bid’niz that email goes from being secksy and “cool!” to dead off and on. It all depends on which gurus combing the affiliate marketing circuit are selling a how-to email product or not.

When they do, you’ll see the fanboys getting boners over email.

Then, soon after, email is suddenly “dead.”

Then it comes back to life when those products are sold again.

Then it dies, replaced by Snapchat or whatever.

Then it’s suddenly big again.

Then dead.







And so the trend goes.

If you don’t believe me simply pay attention to what the wagging tongues say on social media and in other places where Internet marketing newbies and affiliates congregate like flies on the same turd.

Anyway, if you want to stop being a trend follower, I have a solution:

My “Email Players” newsletter.

Each month it shows you how to wrangle up all the sales your greedy heart desires by writing emails people look *forward* to reading and, most importantly, buying from.

There’s nothing trendy about it.

And, I mostly stick to the fundamentals.

(Rarely talking about anything secksy or new.)

But, I go deep into those fundamentals and tread where few can because they simply don’t think deeply enough and use email enough consistently to go that deep.

The result?

You save a lot of time and energy and make more sales.

And, I profit from you consistently saving time and energy and making more sales.

If that doesn’t give you heart burn, go here next:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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