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Double Your Sales With Email

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I don’t do a whole lot of speaking. But, whenever I’m scheduled to speak or train at an event, I’ll post it on this page. If you want to have me speak/train at your event, email me via the contact tab (at the top of this page).

In the meantime:

Clips of talks I’ve done are to your right (if on a desktop) or at the bottom (if on your phone).

Your Pal,

Wednesday 10/17 – Saturday 10/20 

AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp & Job Fair in Delray Beach, Florida

My marching orders are to teach about what’s working now in email that isn’t being taught anywhere else. I have an outline of 7 extremely powerful email principles I rarely see anyone do (much less teach), but that can put a lot of the green stuff in your fat little piggy bank. The info I have planned for this is going to shock (hopefully even frighten, literally) some of the attendees, and disturb their sleep or desire to enjoy the beach while there. But, it will also make their emails a lot more profitable, themselves a lot more attractive to clients, and their bank accounts a lot fatter.

Tuesday 10/ 23 – Thursday 10/25 

Brian Kurtz’s Titans Masterclass in Greenwich, Connecticut  

I’ll be teaching how I outsold all of Brian’s affiliates when selling his Titans of Direct Response product that, in his words, was, “a somewhat esoteric but powerful product which included videos, interviews and swipe files for the ages…” but was not an easy sell, especially to Internet marketing types who only sell online. I’m going to explain, in great detail, how I outsold every other affiliate he used for the program, almost all of which had larger lists than mine, including lists 10 times bigger than mine, with 10 times (probably more) name recognition in the same niche.

 Dates To Be Determined… (probably 2019 or maybe not at all, losing interest in teaching it)

“Email Players Beniversity” in Bandon, OR.

I’ll be teaching my entire email system, philosophy, and methodology in depth over two days in my seaside town on the Oregon coast. There will be no guest speakers or teachers, or anyone else presenting, with only paid attendees allowed inside. Much of what I’m teaching has never been taught anywhere else for any price. It’ll be like elBenbo’s Ninth Symphony — my life’s work (as far as selling with email) and it’ll cost at least $10k, and maybe a lot more. It’ll also be limited to around 5 people and, although I never say never, there’s a good chance it won’t be repeated again.

More info forthcoming…

Dates To Be Determined… (probably 2019)

“Wine Villains” in Napa, California

The second Wine Villains with the great Troy Broussard will be teaching our two distinctly different ways of building businesses around lifestyles that give you the freedom to do what you want, where you want, whenever you want, without being beholden to clients, employees, or other peoples’ schedules. You can do it my way (as a one man band) or Troy’s way with a carefully catered team that doesn’t cause him drama or headaches.

More info forthcoming…

Friday 2/3 – Sunday 2/5

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Insane Cop White Plains, NY

With Ryan Lee, Dan Meredith, and Yours Unruly


Friday 2/10 – Sunday 2/12

Ray Higdon’s Personal Branding and Marketing Bootcamp in Orlando, Florida

I’ll be giving my fan-favorite Villains training that shows you how to use evil villains to write emails that sell a ton of products and services without being pushy, hypey, or using high pressure tactics.

For more info GTS.

Saturday 3/11

Masterless Mindless at elBenbo’s Favorite San Diego Winery

Hanging out with some of my marketing friends including A-list copywriter Kim Krause Schwalm, Shane Hunter, Michael Senoff, and more. Keeping it to people I personally know.

For more info contact me.

Friday 7/7 – Saturday 7/8

Wine Villains in Napa, California

I’ll be co-hosting a small, private event called “Wine Villains” in the upstairs of my favorite Napa winery. During the 4 hour event you’ll get unlimited wine and snacks. The next day we will be doing a group wine tour (informal) around town and maybe out in the country. My co-teacher is Troy Broussard who is a world leader in website conversion strategy. I’ll be teaching about email, copywriting, selling continuity and anything the audience wants. Troy will be teaching about website conversion. This is more of an experience event than hardcore teaching event (hanging out is where the real Value is at events, anyway) and isn’t super expensive.

Limited to 20 people, these spots will go fast.

Contact me for more information.



Double Your Sales With Email

World Leader In Email Copywriting Education is Giving AwayTips For Doubling Sales With Email Right Now

Use the form below to open his daily email tips and a free digital copy of the prestigious $97/month “Email Players” newsletter…

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