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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Recently, “Email Players” subscriber Tanei “The Science Guy” Ricks posted a screenshot on Twitter about a girl who put menstrual blood in her boyfriend’s taco to get him to stop cheating.

This is some crazy old school witchcraft bat shyt craziness.

And, as Tanei said:

“This why you can’t eat everybody food bruh.”

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

This attitude is in strangers you want to sell to, as well. Other than a few rabid impulse buyers that buy anything, almost everyone in your market is likely to have this “this is why you can’t eat everybody food” reaction to you.

Too many blatant scammers with celebrity-positioning out there.

Too many products and services not worth the digital bytes they are sold on.

And, too many goo-roos out there who try to slip all kinds of nonsensical manipulation tactics and techniques — like slipping blood in your taco — in the sales pitches and products they send you. Thus, people tend to not only ignore but be hostile to people they don’t know, like, and trust.

The solution?

Daily — ideally multiple times daily — contact.

Especially, in a way where you become what Dan Kennedy calls a “Welcome Guest.”

There are many ways to do this, too.

Like, for example sitting on Flakebook posting all day hoping the algorithm likes you enough to show it to enough people to matter. If you have a Facebook group, this is much better, in my opinion. But, in all fairness, my opinion on Flakebook was never worth listening to in the first place, and is even less worth listening to now since I deleted my account.

Same goes for Linkedin (which I also deleted recently), too.

And Twitter.

And Instagram.

And YouTube.

And, yes, my 100% biased favorite:


When you email correctly (i.e. vast majority don’t), you quickly become someone who is either loved or despised. The ones who love you will have no problem trusting you enough to buy if it’s the right offer at the right time for them. And while most of those who despise you will never buy (and figuratively wonder if you put some blood in the taco…), you can “flip” a few to your side of the Force eventually.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

But you know what?

I have found these particular people become some of the best, most loyal, and most successful (as far as benefiting from your product or service) people there are.

The great Russell Brunson is a perfect example of this.

I call him the “Gateway drug” to me.

He has sent many great leads my way, and has given me many props over the last few years.

(Deserved or not…)

But, he used to despise me.

In fact, about 4 years ago he told me to my face at a dinner after a mastermind I used to co-host he couldn’t stand me for years. But, he said he kept reading, slowly started warming up to me, and eventually bought from me, even to the point where he said meeting me was the main reason he went to that mastermind in the first place.

That’s how powerful email marketing can be.

That is, if it’s done right.

If you don’t go all goo-roo and (figuratively) try slipping blood into the sauce.

And, if you follow the system inside my “Email Players” newsletter.

Speaking of witch:

The deadline to get the November issue is Halloween. After I send it to the printer on that day, it’ll be too late to get it.

Here is the link:

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