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A subscriber wants to know about give-aways in ads…

“Ben, how much free info should I give away in my sales letters selling info products?”

Excellent question.

I used to struggle with this BIG time.

If you saw my ads from a few years ago compared to today, you’d see lots more “meat” and not enough selling.

Today, that’s reversed.

My “Muse” for this is Hollywood movies.

Hollywood may put a lot of horrible movies out… but they have the art of selling gazillions of dollars worth of tickets to see those awful flicks down like nobody’s biz’niz.

Their secret?

Movie trailers.

You see, at some point Hollywood discovered a 60 second trailer, set to carefully picked music, with all the best scenes cut together in a very specific way (but that doesn’t give anything away except cool “flashes” of what’s in the movie), was way more profitable than a 3 minute clip of a scene set out of context from the rest of the movie, and that (by its nature) lacks the drama, impact and tension built up by the proceeding scenes.

They do strategically use clips sometimes.

Usually to get the hardcore fans (who are already going to buy) in a tizzy and telling their friends and all that.

But the real selling is done by the trailers.

Trailers give you a “whiff” of the action, suspense and plot… but you need to bite the bullet and get yourself a ticket for the whole chimichanga.

And so it is with a good sales letter.

It “cuts” together all the cool stuff about your product… gives you a good sniff (usually via bullets) of what’s inside… but you can’t eat what they got cooking up without buying.

Again, we’re talking info products here.

And some markets DO require more “meat” than others.

So you have to know your market, either way.

But that’s the basic gist.

Ben Settle

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