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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Customer Xan Barksdale askeths…

Hey man, read your emails almost everyday and I’ve got 2 questions that I haven’t ever heard you address…

1.  Why don’t you use something more powerful than Aweber? Something like Infusionsoft?

2.  If you’re a die hard Aweber fan, why don’t you promote them with affiliate links?  I have no idea how big your list is, but seems like you could make a killing.  I know you pump Email Players almost every day, but seems like if you pushed hard for your readers to use Aweber you’d be raking in cash from that too.

Hopefully you can answer those questions if you’re looking for content one day because both of those questions have been on my mind for a while, and I’m guessing other readers are thinking the same thing.

Keep doing good work…I’ve bought Copywriting Grab Bag, the Eugene Schwartz package, and the transcripts to all your podcasts…so, I’m actually a pretty good customer of yours 😉

OK, let’s take your second question first:

I’m not necessarily a “die hard” Aweber fan.

I like them at lot.

They’re my service of choice, for now.

I obviously use them.

And, I get a ton of value from them.

That said…

I don’t endorse any one autoresponder company.

They all have their pros and cons.

They all are worth testing out.

(If you don’t know which one to use.)

And, they all have the potential to go “dark side” — either in user-friendliness, or by not adequately getting rid of spammers (which hurts everyone, as they can land on blacklists, etc that can screw with all their customers’ businesses), or by simply selling out some day to a company that ruins everything good about them.

Too much outside of my control to promote.

Now, let’s go back to question #1.

I don’t just use Aweber.

I use other broadcasting/autoresponders, too.

(Depending on the deal I’m in, what you see me doing with my stuff is just one “cog” in my machine, I sell in multiple markets and ventures.)

But for *this* list:

I don’t need anything more powerful than Aweber.

Especially when using Jack Born’s “AW ProTools”.

Jack is one of my “Oceans 4 Mastermind” business partners, a world class programmer, and also Perry Marshall’s affiliate manager. He’s also like the “Walter White” of marketing — always hiding out in the desert, cooking up software for exploding sales in his motor home, with smoke billowing out of vents from his office.

Anyway, Aw Pro Tools gives Aweber “Infusionsoft-like” powers.

It’s like bombarding Aweber with gamma rays so it can hulk-out, and is designed around several buyer psychology principles.

It’s also super cheap, too.

(For all the stuff you get, at least.)


You can try it free for 14-days.

Plus, I made a deal so you can get it at a 20% discount I usually only let “Email Players” subscribers see this offer.

But, I’m making an exception today.

Go here to play with it free for 14-days:

(And get a 20% discount if you buy)

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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