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The very first lesson I learned in Wing Chun Kung fu was:

“When you know the system, you don’t worry about getting hit”

If anything, someone trying to attack you is a gift.

Something you almost thank the person for.

And the reason why is, you are completely safe in the system, and can use the power and energy directed at you to cause devastating damage to whoever is directing it at you.

The late, great Jim Camp said something similar:

(About his system for negotiation)

He said (paraphrased):

“As long as you stay in the system, you’re always safe in a negotiation. There is no reason to panic, worry, get emotional, or wonder what to do next.”

His example was the pilot who landed a plane in the Hudson several years ago.

The captain had a system to follow.

And, even at the most dire part of the hair-raising experience, the pilot had complete control of his emotions, ran through the check list of the system he had been taught, and landed the plane safely in a river.

And you know what?

So it is with copywriting, email, or anything else.

I often write not just one, but 2, and sometimes 3 or more emails per day.

As I write *this* email, I am writing 14 emails in a single day.

And there is zero “OMG! What am I going to write about???” panic.

I’m simply going through a system I have been refining, honing, and perfecting for over 10 years — that almost anyone else should be able to follow and pound out as many (or more) emails, too. You simply don’t need to worry about these things. You’re safe as long as you stay in the system — and specifically, the book I sent to all new “Email Players” subscribers, which is my evergreen methodology that has always worked, works now, and will work for years in the future. A system, incidentally, that works just as well for other media too — like video, social media, content writing, podcasting, public speaking, and anything else.

The only people who panic over these things are people who don’t have a system.

Or, if they are following a system, it’s not very refined.

Probably, those are system relying on lame tactics that may or may not work for anyone but the person who teaches them.

Anyway, whatever you learn, find a proven system.

Something that works like a Swiss watch, every time.

And, that is proven to also work for people other than those who created it.

Which brings me to my shameless plug:

My “Email Players” system has not only worked for me, for multiple kinds of markets, products, and services (I focus only on my own business these days, but cut my teeth and experimented with what I do in lots of other markets — both consumer and B2B, and it’s all the same at the end of the day, if you follow the system)… but other people, too.

And not just selling information.

But physical products, eCommerce, coaching, and other services.

i.e. my email system works if you work it.

Anyway, it’s something new subscribers learn right off the bat with the book I send them when subscribing.

It keeps them safe.

Keeps them on track.

And, keeps them profitable, if they use it correctly.

To learn my system and do it in time for the January “Email Players” issue, go ye here:

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  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Gonzo Email Specialist
  • Anti-Professional
  • Pulp Novelist
  • Alt-Copywriter

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