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A couple weeks ago I sent an email showing the contrast between a troll-ish opportunity-minded buyer and a successful investor-minded buyer. I put them side by side for comparison for my own amusement and to sell the April “Email Players” issue, but also as a teaching lesson.

Enter “Email Players” subscriber Conor Kelly.

He responded to that email with an important observation that applies not only to the opportunity-minded buyers who try to troll you, but other assorted omega males:

Value ++ and there’s also an implicit lesson which is you didn’t take the first guy’s comments personally, and instead correctly surmised they were about him and his own head trash…I look forward to being able to brag about my implementation of this content…

Over the years, several readers have observed how much I get an almost sadistic glee and excitement when trolls pick fights with me (besides profiting form them, they’re entertainment, more interesting than TV).

A few have even asked how I can possibly enjoy it so much.

My answer?

It’s easy to do when you realize they are really talking about themselves, and are simply projecting their miserable lives onto you. I didn’t fully understand this until reading Vox Day’s “SJWs Always Lie” book. Inside he documents (from watching it happen in “real time” to people such as Sir Tim Hunt — Nobel laureate, personal experience as a political columnist, and from years of publishing a blog that practically is like catnip for SJWs to attack) how they:

1. Always lie

2. Always double down

3. Always project

It’s as predictable as a politician lying.

And, opportunity-minded trolls follow virtually the exact same pattern.

In fact, they’re so reliable, that when you deal with enough of them, you can (with near 100% certainty) predict exactly what they’re going to say when you catch them lying, how they’re going to respond, and what they will do next — all of which makes them a Valuable gift to smart email marketers. 

In fact, they literally become your unpaid marketing “interns.”

That’s why I say don’t hate them, thank them.

Then, profit from them.

They’re money…

Anyway, speaking of money, let’s wrap this puppy up.

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Ben Settle

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