The 11th “Ben Settle Show” is up and running on iTunes.

Here’s what ya get:

  • How to make more profits by attracting less customers.
  • The missing million-dollar ingredient practically every single direct marketer on the face of the earth lacks. (I learned this from the most underrated marketing mind on the Internet—it’s also used by Amazon, Apple, the Catholic Church, Hollywood studios and even airports, karate schools and every restaurant you’ll ever eat at.)
  • The easiest & fastest way copywriters (even noobs) can get clients.
  • The exact kind of chicks I’m attracted to (and why I gotta change this—STAT).
  • The best way to get top-of-mind branding in your market. (You can forget all the silly little branding tips you’re hearing online—doing this costs you hardly anything, requires no outsourcing or complicated testing, and will do more for your “brand” than all the fancy tips and tricks taught online combined).
  • How to sell in a way people LIKE to buy from. (People not only don’t resent you for pitching your products, they practically thank you for it, and are eager to come back for more.)
  • Why I don’t encourage people to buy “Email Players” before they’ve opted into my list.
  • How to use Star Wars’ marketing funnel to “pre sell” products you haven’t even created yet. (You can potentially presell a product 15+ years in advance using this powerful method.)
  • How to argue with a woman and win every time.
  • And much, much mo’…

Hear ye the latest episode here:

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