A few podcasts ago I got tagged with the “contrarian” label.
Mostly, because of my aversion to putting links to social media on my site, not treating my site as anything other than a way to build a list or make sales (which builds a list), and a host of other things too many to go into here.
But you know what’s ironic?
It’s not me who is contrarian.
It’s these other blokes.
Specifically, the ones nattering on about their sites being about more than just building a list or making a sale (which builds a list) at the end of the day. They’re the contrarians as far as direct response goes. They’re the ones trying to work their feelz into their marketing, projecting their own fear of looking like a sales man onto their customers, and bending over backwards to look like they aren’t (gasp!) selling. And, I would bet Producer Jonathan’s left kidney they’re robbing themselves of a lot of sales as a result.
Anyway, we rap about this subject on today’s podcast.
Download ye it here:
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