In today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast Producer Jonathan and I brain fart on about the marketing plan I *should* be implementing for my “Zombie Cop” novel, including:

* A secret website where you can find reporters looking to interview people who sell the exact product or service you offer.

* The “reverse SEO” secret of a computer scientist who Google loves. (SEO ain’t what it used to be, but it ain’t dead neither… maybe just “undead”, here’s what to do…)

* A “shortcut” way for the technologically-challenged to do their own podcasts.

* How to use your marketing expertise to sell fiction books.

* The big mistake I made marketing my “Zombie Cop” novel. (If I’d done this right, sales would probably have been triple what they are now…)

* How to use Facebook to promote fiction in a way where it doesn’t look, feel or smell like you’re “pitching” anyone.

And not much more…

Download it here:

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