On today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

  • A small mindset “tweak” that will instantly (starting today) help you attract the best clients, customers and even members of the opposite sex.
  • How to insulate yourself from the sting of rejection in business (and any other area of life—dating, elections, people using your ideas, etc).
  • How to turn bad things that happen to you into cash.
  • Why being “liked” is a dumb goal in life. (And what you should be striving for instead of being liked.)
  • What the world’s most feared negotiator says about how to be more respected by your peers, family, colleagues, employees and everyone else.
  • What to do to people who disrespect your time.
  • When to walk out of a job interview without saying a word.
  • How being punctual gives you power over other men and women— including people you want something from.
  • What it really means when someone gets “offended.”
  • And a bunch more…

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