• The single best way ever invented for getting someone’s attention (whether in an ad, an email or even trying to nab the attention of a girl you want to date).
  • What the Holy Bible says about getting not just attention… but complete, undivided, “ignore everything else but your message” attention… in your advertising.
  • My uncensored (and, as usual, accurate) opinion on using so-called “scare tactics” to get attention in emails and ads.
  • 2 examples of shock-effect subject lines. (Do this kind of subject line right and people can’t “unread” what you write them—you’ll stick in their heads forever.)
  • How to startle people into reading your headlines without “scaring” them with lame scare tactics.
  • An example of how a sales letter made people want to buy a product they didn’t even have the problem it promised to solve.
  • Why selling prevention is a big fat waste of time.
  • And, of course, a bunch more…


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