This week’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast episode is all about low class jackass marketers, people, and customers, including:

* How the term “low class jackass” helps the children.

* Just how much of the Internet marketing community is made up of people who display low class jackass tendencies.

* How to repel low class jackass people.

* Why I prefer using double opt in to single opt in lists.

* How to stay off the “radars” of the government alphabet agencies.

* The #1 most low class jackass thing a person can do.

* Why I like it when people add me to their dorky little Facebook groups. (It’s complete low class jackass to add someone to your Facebook group without their consent, but I like when people do it, and here’s why.)

* How “moving the free line” keeps copywriters broke.

* And lotza mo’…

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