On this week’s “Ben Settle Show”, we rap about:

  • How being dirt broke gives you an advantage when learning a new skill. (If you’re hurting for money—Good! Your learning curve will be even faster if you follow my advice.)
  • The problem with people who spend $10k per month on books, trainings, and seminars.
  • Why it’s better to read 10 great books 10 times, than 100 great books one time.
  • A secret way of using an ordinary dog leash to speed up the rate at which you learn new information.
  • How to “leverage” a corporate job to master any skill you want twice as fast as it would normally take. (Still stuck in a job? Then you’re in luck—just do this and you’ll speed up your knowledge base way faster than you would otherwise.)
  • Why focusing on the “ninja” tricks is idiotic when learning something new. (And even when you aren’t learning something new.)
  • What word to use in ALL your marketing if you want to sell to a “newbie” market.
  • How to form a profitable mastermind group (and what exact people you should approach).
  • Why you should strive to be the dumbest person in your mastermind group.
  • How freelancers can “insulate” themselves from the financial ups-and-downs of doing client work.
  • How to force your brain to learn new information faster and more efficiently.
  • A little-known way of using ezinearticles .com to (1) learn any skill you want to master twice as fast (or faster) and (2) get more clients and customers for whatever it is you sell.
  • What the “Ken test” for copywriting is… and how it can make your ads far more persuasive and profitable than your competition’s.
  • How to put your copywriting knowledge (even if you’re new to it) on “steroids.”
  • And lotza mo’…


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