In this 1-year “Ben Settle Show” milestone episode we discuss:

  • How to quickly position yourself as a leader (and not just another “expert”) in your market. (People listen to experts, but follow leaders, guess which one effortlessly attracts more sales…)
  • How to remove any sales-killing desperation or neediness from your voice, writing, and marketing. (even if you really are desperate and needy for money.)
  • A secret way (used by a few smart MLM and direct selling pros) of building a thriving income while still building your client base at the same time.
  • What to do each day that’s almost guaranteed to give would-be clients zero doubt you are (1) great at what you do (2) reliable at what you do (3) the only one who does what you do worthy of hiring.
  • How website designers can command sky high fees. (While all your competitors are treated as a commodity.)
  • Dan Kennedy’s secret to attracting clients who are ready to hire you on the spot the first time they speak to you.
  • How to use ezine articles you’ve already written to get overrun with new clients.
  • The “leap frog method” for shortcutting your way to attracting high paying clients.
  • The #1 mistake practically every service provider in history has made. (And how you can avoid making it.)
  • The best kind of lead to spend your time selling to. (Focus on these leads only and nabbing new clients is as easy as catching fish in a small pond packed full of fish starving for the bait on your hook.)
  • How to use direct mail lists to get tons of copywriting client leads handed to you on a silver platter.
  • How to make yourself a celebrity in your market. (If you are seen as a celebrity in your niche, new business sometimes flows to you without even having to lift a finger.)
  • How sociopaths spouting bullshit sell tons of products and services… and how to (ethically) use their methods to sell your legitimate services.
  • A little-used way to turn FedEx into a source of quality client leads.
  • And more…

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