Today’s “Ben Settle Show” gets old school sales on your azz.

We reveal:

  • What to tell someone who complains your product is too expensive.
  • How to make more sales by not letting people buy.
  • How door-to-door salesmen would sell expensive products to hostile prospects who are annoyed at their presence.
  • How the world’s most feared negotiator sold expensive water filters door-to-door in such a way where prospects practically begged him to come inside and sell them.
  • A powerful “old school” belly-to-belly sales technique that works even better online.
  • When to tell someone not to buy (and, if you do it right, how doing so can increase your sales).
  • How to get podcast listeners to “bond” with you.
  • How to put your market “in heat” to buy what you’re selling—even if they didn’t originally want it!
  • What freelance copywriters can write (word-for-word) on a website that can get tons of new clients.
  • Why I don’t like people going into debt buying my products.
  • How to “flip” a lazy, do-nothing person into becoming a product customer who takes your product and becomes wildly successful with it (regardless of what you sell).
  • Gary Halbert’s masterpiece “take away” close.
  • And so on, and so forth…

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