On today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

  • The single worst way ever invented for starting an email. (Producer Jonathan winced out loud when I gave an example of this. It’s embarrassing even reading emails that start this way.)
  • Why it’s silly to worry about email opt-outs.
  • How sending so-called “good will emails” hurts not only your sales… but your list, too.
  • How one of history’s greatest marketing minds tests his ads (which is, not-to-surprisingly, the opposite of what most online marketers do).
  • Why the idea of the USP has been butchered and could work against you.
  • Why you can make more sales spending 30 minutes writing an email than you will spending 3 hours writing it.
  • How to get money “chasing” you, instead of you chasing it.
  • How to write opt-in pages to get high quality leads eager to solve the problem your product helps with… instead of do-nothing mush cookie moochers who just want free stuff.
  • Why I no longer have a copywriting apprentice.
  • And the band marches on…


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