Here’s what’s in today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast:

  • 3 ways to make haters look dumb when they comment on your posts.
  • The power of bringing a bazooka to a knife fight.
  • A weird thing some girls do when they flirt with guys. (It makes no sense, but if a girl ever does this to you, there’s a good chance it’s her goofy way of flirting.)
  • A counter intuitive action to take when someone paints you as a “villain” in social media (or in any other situation).
  • One of the best Hollywood movies to watch if you are a man and sell in an all-female market. (The advice one of the characters gives in this movie was worth a lot of sales to me when selling in a female market.)
  • What never to say in your copy if you sell to women.
  • What happens in someone’s brain when you ignore them.
  • When you should treat someone as just a sheep.
  • How to (righteously) use mockery to deal with haters. (Old Testament prophets did this all the time, here’s how to use the same method on Facebook.)
  • And a ho’ bunch mo’…

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