Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast is packed with fun, politically correct, and 100% non-offensive info.

Like, for example:

  • If you’re a guy, what it probably means if people who love you don’t want to hang out with you. (And how this same phenomenon happens in business–where people who know, like, and trust you still won’t buy.)
  • One of the funniest and most entertaining chicks on Twitter.
  • The “attitude” to have when writing an opt-in page.
  • How women can give themselves an instant advantage in business.
  • One reason women tend to get paid less in the workplace. (Many a manager, supervisor, and HR person I’ve ever asked about this agrees this happens, and just knowing this small tip can get a chick paid more than she would otherwise in a lot of cases. You’re welcome.)
  • What attractive guys do that repulses women.
  • What successful people do that repulses potential JV partners, customers, and clients (and vice versa).
  • A big mistake guys do that make everyone they know want to get as far away from them as possible. (Even if they are otherwise liked by these same people.)
  • Advice to freelancers who want to get more work without barely ever even having to talk. (Works for any kind of freelancing or selling face-to-face or via phone–works for getting better deals on things you want to buy, too.)
  • How the best phone sales trainer in the world sells people on buying from him, even if they were hostile to him originally.
  • How to persuade girls to go on dates with you, without even asking them out. (Works in all aspects of your life for getting people to want to associate with you–yes, even in business.)
  • How checking your smart phone kills your “sales appeal.” (And your sex appeal, too.)
  • A secret way of using texting to make yourself more attractive (not just to the opposite sex, but also to potential customers, clients, etc).
  • What it means if people are not calling you back, making time for you, or taking your calls. (And a simple “mindset shift” that can turn it around almost overnight.)
  • The dangers of always making yourself too available.
  • What the movie Boyz n the Hood can teach you about getting respect from people. (Hardly anyone gives their money or their heart to someone they don’t respect. Here’s how to make yourself both more attractive and more wealthy at the same time.)
  • What to do first thing in the morning that will super-charge your productivity and get you to your goals way faster.
  • What “trickle-down happiness” means.
  • One word to tell people that commands more respect, makes you more attractive as a person, and helps you master your time.
  • The single best way to get ahead in anything you want–professionally, socially, romantically, financially, and in any other thing you want to accomplish.
  • How to get your social circle to be more interested in you.

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