In this “timely” Ben Settle Show podcast, we reveal…

  • A secret website I write a column for that is a brilliant example of infotainment.
  • Why it’s always the man’s fault. (I blame men for everything, even when it’s not our fault, and here’s why…)
  • Why you must pay yourself first if you ever want to achieve financial independence. (And the 2 ways to do it: One is in money, but there’s also another—equally important—way hardly anyone ever talks about.)
  • A book of parables that shows you exactly how to build wealth. (Thousands of people attribute this book as building their wealth. Here’s what it is called, and what’s inside…)
  • How to inoculate yourself from unethical clients pushing you around and playing games with you because they know you want their fee.
  • How to speed up the time it takes to get out of having to work at a job.
  • How to cut in half the time it takes freelancers to be liberated from having to do client work and just sell their own stuff.
  • How to become a super fast writer (I discovered this by complete accident, and it works like gangbusters to speed your writing up.)
  • What to remove from your bedroom if you want a good night’s sleep. (When I took this item out of my bedroom I went from 5 hours of interrupted sleep to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and zero
  • My plan for ushering in world peace.
  • And a ho’ bunch mo’:

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