In today’s “meat & potatoes” Ben Settle Show, Producer Jonathan and I wrestle over such complicated concepts as:

  • Why a certain 8-figure business studies my business model.
  • Why I don’t take coaching students on (with one exception)… and why you wouldn’t want to be a coaching student of mine anyway.
  • 5 steps to running a simple “steak and eggs” online business that pays you lots of money with minimal time investment.
  • A simple diet (created by an old school body builder) that quickly melted a bunch of fat off my righteous bootay.
  • The one time it makes zero sense to “test” anything in your marketing (despite what people who profit off of making things complicated will tell you).
  • Why I don’t trust Google’s testing software.
  • What a professional statician says about testing online. (And why guys like him laugh at a lot of people online bragging about their so-called tests.)
  • A sales letter structure that is so simple even a raw newbie can do it, yet so effective even 15+ year copywriting veterans profit from it.
  • When you don’t need to tell a story in your ads.
  • Why the wealthiest businesses build pipelines instead of carrying buckets. (This is straight from one of the world’s most respected and successful financial authors & coaches.)
  • And lots mo’…

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