In this week’s “Ben Settle Show” my Facebook advertising guy Shane Hunter walks us through some of his advanced Facebook ad secrets, such as:

  • What a “pattern interrupt” is… and how to use them to get a ton more clicks on your Facebook ads.
  • Why pissing off people with your Facebook ads can exponentially increase your response (and exactly how to do it).
  • How to use the “just the tip” game to avoid scaring away your audience, clients, list, and leads.
  • How to use “naughty” language (without getting in trouble with Facebook) to almost force qualified leads to read your ads.
  • How to use your market’s favorite movies to get their attention and eagerly want to click your Facebook ads.
  • Why most Facebook advertisers are basically doing the equivalent of spam (and then wonder why they get so few clicks).
  • The single best way ever invented (so far) to advertise on Facebook to the biz-opp market.
  • How to write ads that are far more likely to get shared with peoples’ friends and families (so you get leads you aren’t even paying for).
  • How to raise money for virtually any cause you want using Facebook ads (and without having to invest hardly any money).
  • How to use “alternate realities” to get away with using taboo and offensive ideas in your ads. (If you have a crazy idea to test, and want to avoid mass fallout or bad publicity from testing that ad, just do this and you’ll be good to go.)
  • How to merge politics and Facebook advertising to explode your sales.
  • And a lot more…

Show Shane some lovin’ here:

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