Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast shares the mic with Kevin Rogers—stand up comic, copy chief, and founder of one of the most helpful resources for copywriters (and clients) on ye olde Internet.

We rap about:

  • Real world copywriting lessons Kevin learned while doing stand up comedy.
  • Why being “funny” isn’t enough to get chicks wanting you. (And will most likely land your azz smack dab in the friend zone.)
  • Johnny Carson’s secret for using his introversion to become the most recognized celebrity on the face of the planet in the 70’s and 80’s. (It’s also used by world class copywriters like John Carlton and other introverts in the marketing business today.)
  • A “fool proof” way to know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert.
  • A big mistake freelance copywriters with unique, off-the-wall experiences and backgrounds make when getting clients.
  • The stand up comic’s 5-second secret to winning the attention of drunk, hostile comedy club crowds with folded arms itching to torment comedians. (Can be directly applied to getting attention in your ads, too.)
  • A new website that is perfect both for copywriters looking to find great clients (and get tips from seasoned pros on how to make their ads better), and great clients looking for copywriters.
  • The real reason why clients are scared to hire copywriters. (I must admit, I never considered this before, but it’s 100% spot on and something every freelancer should be aware of.)
  • And lotza more…

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