Today’s “Ben Settle Show” podcast sends the grammar nazis out into the streets weeping & gnashing their teeth.

Producer Jonathan and I rap about:

  • Why the old school copywriters purposely misspelled words in their ads. (Back then there was no easy credit card or online ordering, people had to go sometimes miles to the bank, then travel more miles to the post office, often taking an entire day, just to order by mail. Here’s how they used bad spelling to not only get more sales, but motivate people to go through the trouble of ordering at all…)
  • Why one of history’s greatest novelists condoned and even promoted the idea of misspelling words.
  • Why one of the greatest living copywriters brags about mauling the English language in ads. (And, real life examples of when typos HELPED sales).
  • How your brain automatically fixes bad spelling as you read.
  • Why most people don’t even notice typos. (Even blatant ones.)
  • How being “un-okay” makes you more sales.
  • The common writing “error” certain great communicators & persuaders have used to motivate millions of people. (Everyone from Winston Churchhill to Martin Luther King Jr. has made this so-called mistake that gives grammar and spelling nazis acid reflux. Best part: It works even better in sales copy and emails…)
  • How to put people into a trance when reading your copy.
  • How to use bad grammar to make your emails more entertaining.
  • The “Avengers” secret to making tons more sales. (HINT: “The Avengers” was one of the highest grossing movies of all time—yet it had more errors and continuity blunders in it than any other
    movie in 2012.)
  • How Producer Jonathan made a ton of sales (450% more clicks) by writing an email that looked like it was written by a complete moron—full of errors, mistakes, misspellings, and butchered grammar.
  • And lotza mo’…

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