Today’s “Ben Settle Show” shows you how to tell the difference between the wheat and the tares online, including:

  • Why you can’t trust people who cry publicly. (Unless they do this one thing we talk about on the show.)
  • The #1 most powerful (and profitable) attribute a business person and marketer can have… and why people who have this trait should be watched like hawks before giving them your time, money, or even your contact information. (HINT: Many a serial killer has this trait…)
  • The best kind of testimonials you can have in your copy. (And why people who have these testimonials can’t be automatically trusted.)
  • Why you can sometimes trust people with bad reviews more than you can trust people with good reviews.
  • A secret way of turning negative Amazon reviews into more sales. (This technique can sometimes even get people to retract their 1-star troll reviews and re-write them as 4 or 5 star reviews.)
  • A sneaky trick bad people use to get you to trust them.
  • How to make almost 100% sure you never get screwed over by unethical business people.
  • What sociopathic proof is… and why even otherwise-smart marketers fall for their lies and sell crappy products to their lists for unethical marketers.
  • Why my BS antenna goes up whenever I see someone always in pictures on Facebook with lots of gurus.
  • How to “read between the lines” when someone tries to dazzle you with their so-called test stats.
  • When looking at other peoples’ test data can get you killed in marketing.
  • What to “inject” into your ads to make them 10x’s more credible, believable, and profitable.
  • A secret about a lot of “successful” people that, if everyone knew it, would probably shut thousands of businesses down overnight.
  • How being a rat can be profitable (or be used to steal your profits).
  • Why you can’t even trust people who ooze credibility and honesty.
  • And the goo-roo band marches forth…

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