Here’s what’s on today’s Ben Settle Show episode:

  • How to profit next time your auto-responder service goes down. (If people using Aweber when it went down a couple weeks ago had done this, they’d have made out like bandits, and anxiously await for it to go down again…)
  • Why my best customers cussed at, curse at and profane me.
  • Why I’ve gone from emailing my list 5 days per week to 6-7 days (and how it’s impacted my sales).
  • The best copywriting course you never heard of.
  • How to “spin” 1-star Amazon reviews into sales.
  • A near-perfect TV commercial for email writers to study. (It’s pro-American, anti-foreign and is guaranteed to piss of hippies, liberals and European socialists… yet sell the hellz out of the high end car it sells).
  • How to get your URL plugged on the air.
  • The only kind of person who get’s “offended” at our show.
  • The 2 most popular (and profitable) “Email Players” back issues.
  • And lots more bid’niz lovin’…

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