In today’s “Ben Settle Show” Producer Jonathan and I yet again plunge our sparkling clean hands into the filth of what I call “dull unpolished objects”.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Who my favorite all-time copywriter is (and why it matters).
  • Why you should stay away from big product launch sales letter online if you’re studying copywriting.
  • My uncensored (and short) opinion of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.
  • Is NLP necessary for writing high selling copy?
  • Why the top old school copywriting and marketing minds (who have been doing this marketing thing since the rest of us were still in our mama’s womb) don’t use so-called “ninja” tricks and tactics in their ads.
  • Why Todd Brown (marketing funnel master) is my new marketing hero.
  • The elevator pitch that (quite literally) changed the world and saved millions of lives.
  • How to “arrange it” so you only have the best customers coming to you. (These kinds of customers aren’t looking to save money, they’re looking to spend it.)
  • Advice to massage therapists for doubling their income within 90 days while doing less work, and dealing only with clients who are happy to pay a higher fee.
  • Kojak’s secret for charging higher prices for lesser quality products and services. (Works even better for higher quality products and services, like yours…)
  • What “making the skeleton dance” means… and how it can sprinkle many more rupees into your hot little coffer.
  • How to spin nasty 1-star reviews into reasons to buy.
  • And a hooooo bunch mo’…

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