Today’s Ben Settle Show is (mostly) about…

Sociopaths, baby!

Join us as we step up to the mic and rap about:

  • The exact personality type that is ripe for being fleeced by
    sociopaths and other “unsavory” characters & scams. (Hint: A LOT of
    people have this personality—chances are you do, too…)
  • 15 ways to identify a sociopath.
  • Approximately how many people are sociopaths.
  • What fields and professions sociopaths are “drawn” to (and yep,
    Internet marketing is like a nest of sociopaths).
  • 3 words (used by newbies and goo-roos) that are a big red flag
    you’re about to be pitched bullshit.
  • Why so many girls tend to fall hard for sociopaths.
  • Why good people running for office get butchered by the media
    while the sociopaths skate free and make it to the top.
  • Why I am starting to think all web designers are sociopaths
    (okay, I’m joking… sort of…)
  • Why Americans are so gullible.
  • Why I believe our financial system will collapse in the near
    future, and a badass “model citizen” (you can find him on Facebook)
    to study if you want to be prepared.
  • Why I don’t trust social proof.
  • Why guys should never let a girl “friend zone” them.
  • Why NLP is nonsense.
  • Why I don’t believe in business and marketing coaching.
  • And lots mo’…

Sit back, grab a frosty beverage and waddle over to:

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