Over the next several weeks, I’m featuring on my podcast my “Mount Rushmore” (hat tip to the great Brian Kurtz for that analogy) of the people who have had the most impact on my business, my income, and any success I’ve had over the years.

Especially the foundational knowledge that makes it all work.

To kick this series off, I’m starting with the great Matt Furey.

A man without whom I’d probably be pumping gas for a living if it weren’t for him.

The guy’s mind has been solid gold to me.

And, if you click the link below, Yours Fanboy will share some of the key things I’ve learned from him, that you can profit from, too:

Ben Settle

P.S. Even the title of this post is a Matt Furey-inspired headline structure. Many things to learn from the Grandmaster of email…

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  • Email Supremacist
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  • Software Investor
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