My newest podcast is up and waiting patiently for you. It’s about how to arrange it so you need never worry about having enough customers, clients, or a girl in your life — especially after getting fired, broken up, etc.

Here’s where to give your itchy ears some lovin’:

P.S. The Great Doberman Dan Gallapoo officially endorses my new podcast:

(100% unsolicited, I didn’t even know he heard it last week)

Hey Ben,

Love the new podcast, my brutha.

You are a master at creating… and perpetuating… a persona that is SUPER attractive to winners.

And super REPELLING to losers.

Er… excuse me. That’s soooo not politically correct. I mean repelling to people who are “allergic to winning.”

Seriously, dude. Nice show. I’m looking forward to future episodes.

Doberman Dan

P.S. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you see fit.



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