The newest (7th) episode of my podcast is ready for your to devour.

It’s about the evils of being “nice.”

Get your fill here:

Ben Settle

P.S. Listener Holly Mthethwa admits getting whacked upside her niceness by elBenbo’s diabolical ways in this episode:

My FAVEorite episode yet! Everything about it – from the accurate context to the tough love – was just brilliant! I’ve spent the last 12 years overcompensating and trying to be “nice.” My husband has constantly encouraged me to stop letting people walk all over me, telling me it’s absolutely possible to be kind and compassionate without being a pushover.

In the last 3 months, since I’ve actively started being in the Lair, reading all of your emails, and listening to your podcasts, he’s said over and over “you’ve changed! You’re still loving and kind, but you’re tougher with people. This is exactly how you need to be and I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself.” I used to tell my hubbs I wished I was as unafraid to hurt people’s feelings as he is because my boundary lines always used to get crossed and if only I’d had that strength I could’ve avoided a lot of crap my entire life. Now, I get it. It’s not my responsibility to protect their feels; it’s my responsibility to protect myself and my people first. You and my hubbs speak the truth and I’ve finally seen the light.

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