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Following are 3 quotes.

All 3 are completely self-explanatory.

And all 3 are completely despised by low IQ copywriters the world over.

I will also add, each of these 3 are worthy of a lifetime of contemplation if you want to outright master the elusive art of copywriting in ways your Facebook friends bragging about all their idiotic “SWIPES! LOLOLOL!!!” can’t even being to fathom. In fact, I daresay there is more money in teaching the opposite of what these 3 quotes are saying to the plaintive hordes of goo-roo fanboys and copywriting proles haunting Facebook all day who’re addicted to swipe files, templates, and other so-called copywriting “shortcuts.”

Incidentally, if the term “Low IQ copywriter” bothers you, relax, Maynard.

That doesn’t mean they literally have low IQ’s.

It just means they aren’t all that bright or deep thinking when it comes to copywriting. And, to be fair, most don’t really need to be to make a comfortable living and get a decent enough response from their ads — especially if you only sell to your own list.

All right, onto the quotes.

First is from Robert Greene, bestselling author of “The 48 Laws of Power”:

“The very desire to find shortcuts makes you eminently unsuited for any kind of mastery.”

My opinion, this goes triple for those seeking “hacks” especially.

The second quote is by Dan Kennedy from his “7-Figure Academy” course:

“If you write copy, and really need to rely on your swipe files, it’s okay. It’s certainly better than not having them, but you’ve got to understand, don’t ever delude yourself into thinking you’ve achieved a mastery level as a copywriter.”

I wonder how many Dan Kennedy fanboys are disappointed to hear him say that?

I can’t speak for the man, and can only observe.

So I will merely say there is likely a reason he taught the above only in his SEVEN figure course, while in his lower priced courses & books for the prole-types he preaches “Swipe & Deploy.”

As for quote #3:

Was told by comicbook writer Larry Hama quoting one of his mentors.

You probably have never heard of Larry Hama unless you are a comicbook fan. And while he did not create G.I. Joe, he did practically single-handedly take G.I. Joe from being a nearly unknown brand in the 1980’s to being a near billion dollar brand today (movies, cartoons, comicbooks, toys, etc) mostly on the strength of his writing. Anyway, following is from a book I highly recommend called “Larry Hama: Conversations.”

And while it’s about drawing, it is 1000% applicable to copywriting.

i.e., Simply swap out “drawing” with “writing” and “words.”

Okay, here it is:

“Before you do your first really good drawing, you have to do about five hundred thousand really sucky drawings. If I were you, I’d get that first five hundred thousand out of the way as fast as I could!”

In case the message ain’t clear:

Mastery of anything takes lots and Lots and LOTS of hard work.

All of which brings me to the November “Email Players” issue:

It’s all about how to plumb the deepest depths of copywriting mastery. Not just get “good enough” or even “great” at the craft — but master it. It’s not an issue you just casually read and say, “okay, I got it ROTFLMAO!”

No, Chuckles.

It’s just the opposite.

The 17-pages of content must be read many times.

And then, the info must be practiced, thought about, and repetitively applied over and over and over — with every email you bang out, every sales page you create, and every word of persuasive communication (on every medium you use such communication on) you write for the rest of your days.

This basically disqualifies 99% of anyone reading this.

And that’s okay.

Because as the Founding Father of Internet Marketing & “Email Players” subscriber Ken McCarthy put it in his magnificent “System Club Letters” book — while talking about the Ironman competition and its applicability to creating offers so grand & epic they scare you to even offer them:

“Not every customer is on a budget. Not every customer has ‘time considerations.’ Not every customer wants to be coddled. And the 99% who do? They’ll sit back in awe and buy the t-shirt and the hot dogs.”

So it is with the info in the November issue.

Maybe 2 or 3 out of the 800+ subscribers who read it will do everything it says.

But I believe the rest will still enjoy it, make money from it (assuming they use it), but not get the full value, much less achieve any kind of copywriting mastery from it.

And so it is.

Whatever the case, the deadline to get this issue is 10/31/20.

To subscribe in time to get it, go here immediately:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
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