This week’s unrighteous podcast has been uploaded for your listening displeasure.

It’s about how to test people — customers, girls, friends, anyone you want to make sure aren’t low class jackass saving you much time, energy, and frustration.

Here’s where to listen:

Ben Settle

The newest (7th) episode of my podcast is ready for your to devour.

It’s about the evils of being “nice.”

Get your fill here:

Ben Settle

P.S. Listener Holly Mthethwa admits getting whacked upside her niceness by elBenbo’s diabolical ways in this episode:

My FAVEorite episode yet! Everything about it – from the accurate context to the tough love – was just brilliant! I’ve spent the last 12 years overcompensating and trying to be “nice.” My husband has constantly encouraged me to stop letting people walk all over me, telling me it’s absolutely possible to be kind and compassionate without being a pushover.

In the last 3 months, since I’ve actively started being in the Lair, reading all of your emails, and listening to your podcasts, he’s said over and over “you’ve changed! You’re still loving and kind, but you’re tougher with people. This is exactly how you need to be and I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself.” I used to tell my hubbs I wished I was as unafraid to hurt people’s feelings as he is because my boundary lines always used to get crossed and if only I’d had that strength I could’ve avoided a lot of crap my entire life. Now, I get it. It’s not my responsibility to protect their feels; it’s my responsibility to protect myself and my people first. You and my hubbs speak the truth and I’ve finally seen the light.

This week’s podcast is locked and loaded.

It’s 7 more “Email Players” rules, including why equality is a myth and other truisms that will bring you peace and joy in a world of chaos and angst.

Go ye here to download:

Ben Settle

I just released another exciting episode of my podcast.

It’s about occupying the path.

It’s a principle of fighting my Grand Master in Wing Chun teaches that has alarmingly valuable applications to marketing, selling, and business.

Here it is:

Ben Settle

I just slapped a new podcast up online.

It’s about principles vs tactics.

Inspired by the late Jim Camp (the world’s “most feared negotiator”).

Get ya some here:

Ben Settle

P.S. Apparently, elBenbo’s podcast is raising the next generation…

Candice Parsons writes:

I just told my 10yo Wes his voice-over will be on Ben’s new podcast episode 12,
Without missing a beat my boy gets on a roll about “crabs crawling out of buckets and getting kicked back in”, followed rapidly with “a hundred swarming Stews scrambling to get that one scrap of meat off the table.”

I might add it was festively chirped out rap-style with a huge grin on his face.

Needless to say Ben, you’re very much *alive* in his head :-).

“Ben says” is something I hear maybe a bit too regularly (thinking that if I’m hearing it, then his Dad must be too!) Hahaha! CLASSIC.

Anyways, elBenbo prolly can never go wrong in this house.

I am particularly amused as his go-to phrase being “Ben says”…

A new podcast has been locked and loaded up on my site.

It’s about why real game is no game.

Get your lovin’ here:

My newest podcast is up and waiting patiently for you. It’s about how to arrange it so you need never worry about having enough customers, clients, or a girl in your life — especially after getting fired, broken up, etc.

Here’s where to give your itchy ears some lovin’:

P.S. The Great Doberman Dan Gallapoo officially endorses my new podcast:

(100% unsolicited, I didn’t even know he heard it last week)

Hey Ben,

Love the new podcast, my brutha.

You are a master at creating… and perpetuating… a persona that is SUPER attractive to winners.

And super REPELLING to losers.

Er… excuse me. That’s soooo not politically correct. I mean repelling to people who are “allergic to winning.”

Seriously, dude. Nice show. I’m looking forward to future episodes.

Doberman Dan

P.S. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you see fit.



True story:

Couple months ago I got to be on a panel with the lovely World-Class copywriting genius Carline Anglade-Cole and the “Umpire” of direct response marketing Brian Kurtz. And, during the panel, we were asked about “why” we do what we do. When I gave my unrighteous answer, I noticed the blood drained out of the faces of certain members in the audience.

As if thinking, “Did Ben actually *say* that?”

Then, Brian takes the mic, turns to me and says:

“I change my answer to that!”

What did I say?

It’s waiting for you in the first episode of my brand spanking new podcast (not to be confused with my old Ben Settle Show podcast) right here:

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