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“Good copy intoxicates me. Yours is high proof. I’m enjoying it.”

Gary Bencivenga
Universally acknowledged as
the world’s greatest living copywriter

“I think Ben is the light heavyweight champion of email copywriting. I ass-lo think we’d make Mayweather money in a unification title bout!”

Matt Furey
Zen Master Of The Internet®
President of The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation

“Ben is one of the sharpest marketing minds on the planet, and he runs his membership “Email Players” better than just about any other I’ve seen. I highly recommend it.”

Perry Marshall
Author of 8 books whose Google book laid the foundations for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry, whose prestigious 80/20 work has been used by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs, and whose historic reinvention of the Pareto Principle is published in Harvard Business Review.

“I read and study every single one of [Your] emails. AND YOU are one of the only people, Ben, who touches the true PULSE of what is realllllly going on today. PERIOD. Everyone else is mostly a copycat and saying the same old thing (read SHIT). DRONES. WANNABEEEES….. YES-MEN. (BTW: YES-MEN SUCK) YOU are fresh, new, just twisted enough and seriously on point. **** TRUTH: I wake up to READ YOUR WORDS. I learn from you and study exactly how you combine words + feelings together. Like no other. YOU go DEEP and HARD.”

Lori Haller
“A-List” graphic designer who has worked on control ads
for Gary Bencivenga, Clayton Makepeace, Oprah Winfrey, and more

“We finally got to meet in person and you delivered a killer talk. Your emails are one of the very few I read and study. And your laid back style.. is just perfect!.”

Ryan Lee
Best-selling Author
“Entrepreneur” Magazine Columnist

“I love your emails. Your e-mail style is stunningly effective.”

Bob Bly
The man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter”
and bestselling author of over 75 books

“Of all the people I follow there’s so much stuff that comes into my inbox from various copywriters and direct marketers and creatives, your stuff is about as good as it gets.”

Brian Kurtz
Executive vice president, Boardroom Inc.
Named Marketer of the Year
by Target Marketing magazine

“I’ve been reading your stuff for about a month. I love it. You are saying, in very arresting ways, things I’ve been trying to teach marketers and copywriters for 30 years. Keep up the good work!”

Mark Ford
aka Michael Masterson
Co-founder of AWAI

“The business is so big now. Prob 4x the revenue since when we first met… and had you in! Claim credit, as it did correlate!”

Joseph Schriefer
Copy Chief at Agora Financial

“Just want you to know I get great advice and at least one chuckle… or a slap on the forehead ‘duh’… every time I read your emails!.”

-Carline Anglade-Cole
AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year Award winner and A-list copywriter who has written for Oprah and continually writes control packages for the world’s most prestigious (and competitive) alternative health direct marketing companies

“You’re damn brilliant, dude…I really DO admire your work, my friend!”

-Brian Keith Voiles
A-list copywriter who has written winning ads for prestigious clients such as Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Robert Allen, and Gary Halbert.

“Ben has written sales letters for us that have resulted in millions of dollars for us. And probably tens of millions of dollars in ongoing and repeat sales. He’s also been one of the most liked and well received speakers and presenters at our No Excuses Summit as well as in the community over here at Elite Marketing Pro.”

-Tim Erway
CEO/Founder of Elite Marketing Pro

“Ben has made me tens of thousands of dollars in the past 6 months alone since I started learning his email methods. . .It’s changed my business, it’s changed my life. . .it’s given me the ability to send daily emails, I’m getting constant feedback. They’re sharing it, they’re forwarding it on to their friends. I’m putting my promos on Facebook when previously I was cared to put emails out, scared to put promotions out, scared to try and sell stuff through email or Facebook. Now I can do it on demand it’s been a habit and a very lucrative habit it that.”

– Michael Cheney
A “founding fathers” of Internet marketing
and world class affiliate marketer

“Ben Settle is my email marketing mentor”

– Tom Woods
Senior fellow of the Mises Institute
New York Times Bestselling Author
Prominent libertarian historian and author,
Host of one of the longest running and most popular
libertarian podcasts on the planet

“Ben is just a genius when it comes to copywriting, when it comes to running your business because you use copy in every single aspect of your business.”

– Ray Higdon
World leading MLM coach and trainer
(The coach other MLM coaches go to when they need help)

“Partnered up with Ben on a project in the golf niche. The results, to ice cold golfers who’d never heard of the program… BUYERS for less than $6/each ($5.85 each to be exact). I’ve been running traffic and testing 100s of offers for several years and have NEVER seen anything like it.”

-Eric McMillan
Traffic Expert
World’s Leading
Pay-Per-View Ad Marketer

“Ben wrote one of the highest performing sales letter in our space of all times. You will not find a better person for doing this type of work. If I’m going to have anyone come on stage and talk about copy, it’s got to be Ben Settle.”

-Greg Gomez
Coach, Consultant,
And The MLM Industry’s
#1 Lead Generation
And Phone Recruiting Expert

“The only copywriter I endorse (no affiliate) is @BenSettle”

-Mike Cernovich
Bestselling author and host
of the most successful mindset podcast on iTunes

“Under Ben’s tutelage and guidance monthly I created a business, from scratch, that was generating me $40k/month.”

-Dan Meredith
World Traveling Copywriter
Copywriting Agency Owner

“Ben is the KING of email”

-Lloyd Irvin
Two time National Judo Champion
World No-Gi Championship winner
National Russian Sambo champion
World Champion in Brazilian Jujitsu
Trainer to numerous gold medal winners and professional athletes

“Reading my (or should I say my husband’s) Email Players newsletter and tried a different type of subject line in my email today and my open rate went through the roof! Jodi Ardito please tell Ben he may know a thing or two after all!”

-Vicki Irvin
Nationally acclaimed Speaker,
Amazon bestselling Author, And TV & radio show host

“I started following Ben about 9 months ago, and basically everything he claims is true. I signed up with ‘Email Players’, I’m a very good student, I follow everything he instructs and advises on in the newsletter and it works. It really just works. So put your ego aside, sign up, get it and follow direction well and you will have the results that he claims.”

– Lisa Rangel
Owner of Chameleon Resumes
(A Forbes top 100 ranked career website)

“You’re an email poet”

– Nick Usborne
30+ year A-list copywriter
Founding father of Web 2.0 copywriting

“I opted in to your list the other day. Now I remember why we hired you way back when. (In the old days when you still could be hired.) I open your emails and enjoy them every day because they are entertaining and if you entertain me just long enough I will probably buy some stuff. Good job man. Keep it up.”

– Aaron Parkinson
Serial entrepreneur and business mentor
to students in over 191 countries

“The best out there when it comes to email.”

– Kevin Rogers
Copy Chief & former stand-up comic

“Currently I write copy for myself and a multi-million dollar info publishing business. And we’ve seen tremendous results just applying what I learned from Ben. It’s not unusual to see thousands of dollars coming in from just one email. I’ve had days where I’ve generated $5k to $10k from a single email. And there was one email specifically I can remember that did a little over $22k in sales all from one email and it wasn’t a launch or anything like that. So this works and it works really well.”

– Vitaly Grinblat
Head copywriter at Elite Marketing Pro

“Ben has been like a breath of fresh air to my business. Because at one point I couldn’t figure out exactly how to get people to open and respond to your emails and build your list without being obnoxious about it, having them hit the spam button, or unsubscribe. So Ben really opened my eyes as to how I can go about literally mailing that list every day, generate lots of good will, build a relationship with that list and at the same time make a ton of money doing it.”

– Igor Kheifets
The Solo Ads Guy

“Hey Ben – wanted to reach out to say Thank You. We are subscribers to your paid newsletter. I liked what I saw so I put it in the hands of our head writer (Jim Clair) at It’s added a steady, predictable yet growing multi-5 figures to our monthly income.”

-Tim Houston
Co-founder of Bad Ass Ventures

“Ben might be a freaking genius. Just one insight he shared at the last Oceans 4 mastermind I can guarantee you will end up netting me at least an extra $100k in the next year.”

-Daegan Smith

“There’s been a recent flood of copy writing ‘gurus’ lately and I only trust ONE! And that’s @BenSettle ”

-Bryan Sharpe
AKA Hotep Jesus

“I’m so busy but there’s some guys like Ben Settle w/incredible daily emails that I always read.”

-Russell Brunson
World class Internet marketer, author, and speaker

“I start my day with reading from the Holy Bible and Ben Settle’s email, not necessarily in that order.”

Richard Armstrong
“A List” direct mail copywriter whose clients have included
Rodale, Boardroom, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Newsweek,
Prevention Health Magazine, the ASCPA and, even, The Limbaugh Letter

“The f’in’ hottest email copywriter on the web now.”

-David Garfinkel
The World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach

“Ben Settle is a great contemporary source of copywriting wisdom. I’ve been a big admirer of Ben’s writing for a long time, and he’s the only copywriter I’ve ever hired and been satisfied with.”

-Ken McCarthy
Top Internet Marketing Teacher & Pioneer

“In a nutshell – [The Email Players Newsletter] is a goldmine. I’ve already used ONE ‘contrast’ technique and pocketed $4,756 off just one email to a list of about 700 buyers.”

Igor Kheifets
World leader in solo ad marketing & training

“I am in awe of your brilliance sometimes (well always actually). You’re one of the rare few who I ENJOY forking out money to each month. Sometimes it shits me how good you are, haha”

Bret Thomson
One of Australia’s highest paid in-demand
copywriter/marketing & conversion strategists,
best selling author, speaker, coach
and mentor to thousands

“Sometimes I don’t even open emails from Ben they make me want to spend money so bad. Ben understands buyer psychology better than ANYONE I have ever worked with. He not only can craft amazing sales copy… he can craft copious amounts of it seemingly at ease. It calls to mind the way Mozart supposedly wrote symphonies… it just seems to flow out of him. Wow.”

Jeff Lerner
(Ranked one of the
“Top 500 Home Business
Entrepreneurs In The World”)

“I’ve been keeping up with your stuff. You’re doing a lot of good work”

-The Late Scott Haines
(Who was the “go to copywriter” for Gary Halbert,
Jay Abraham, Robert Allen and others)

“Ben works harder than any other copywriter I know. And paying him tens of thousands of dollars in commissions for the ads he’s written for me has been one of the greatest investments of my life. Because for every dollar I pay him, I get two, three and even four back.”

-Michael Senoff

“Ben, the one email you wrote for me has already made earnable commissions of $31,000 and I’m about to be in the top 45 executives in my company by June. All thanks to you!”

-Nafis Noorali

“Ben writes some of the most compelling subject lines I’ve ever seen, and implements a very unique style in his blog. Honestly, I can’t help but look when I get an email, or see a new post from him in my Google Reader.”

-Dr. Glenn Livingston

“You write some of the greatest bullets I’ve ever seen. I WAS FORCED TO BUY – I couldn’t help it…”

-T.J. Rohleder
“Blue Jeans Millionaire”

“I’ve always known you’re an incredible writer and a brilliant marketer. Now I know you have balls that would have made Gary Halbert think twice.”

-Blair Warren

“Ben, you ARE good. The copy you did for me makes me wanna buy my own product! And the bullets literally have me wondering what my own techniques are. Thanks for doing the sales letter, you’re an amazing copywriter and individual.”

-Ewen Chia

“There are very, very few copywriters whose copy I not only read but save so I can study it… and Ben is on that short list. In fact, he’s so good… he kinda pisses me off. But don’t tell him I said that. ;-)”

-Ray Edwards, Direct Response Copywriter

“Hey Ben, every time I read your copy, I get jealous. That’s how good it is.”

-Ryan Healy, Direct Response Copywriter


“Ben’s emails are PERFECT examples of how to sell with email… how to be a welcome guest in someone’s inbox rather than a persistent pest… how to sell with story… and how to create a persona that draws people to you like controversy to Donald Trump.”

-David Deutsch,
Freelance copywriter with multi-million
dollar controls for the best and biggest
mailing houses in the world

“Hi Ben, I enjoy your material. Lot’s of great content, interesting hooks drawing the reader in, good stuff.”

-Daniel Levis


“I’ve read your stuff and you have some of the best hooks. You really know how to work the hook and the angles.”

-Brian Clark

“Thank you for the tips, tricks, shortcuts, insights, etc., delivered on your blog.”

-Peter Stone

“I’ve enjoyed reading your material for many years and admire your ‘in the trenches’, smooth, flowing style.”

-Lawrence Bernstein

“Ben…your blog is always a great read, and your “Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet” book definitely kicks ass on each of its 300 pages. In fact I’d go as far to say it’s one of the very few valuable resources on the net worth downloading – and way better than 99% of the stuff I’ve bought over the past 12 months. Keep up the great work…”

-Simon Johansson

“Your “Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet” e-book was solid. Had me glued to the computer for a couple hours.”

-Matt Marshall, Direct Response Copywriter

“Writing copy for my own projects is tough. Sometimes I’m so close to the forest I can’t see the trees! That’s where Ben comes in. This year, he critiqued a project of mine. It was already making money, but I knew it wasn’t all it could be. Ben cut through the fog and gave me some killer ideas to implement. Bottom line is, Ben’s critiques are worth 5 times the price (conservatively.) If your copy is not pulling as many sales as you’d hoped… hire him now!”

-Mike Morgan, Direct Response Copywriter

“Dude, you are one of the coolest copywriters out there. Everything you publish rocks.”

-The late John Ritz
Direct Response Copywriter And Consultant

“The Heisenberg of email”

-Tobbin Poppenberg

“A cross between Alec Baldwin in the movie GlenGarry-GlenRoss and Nine Inch Nails.”

-Casey Meyers

“You’ve actually become the ‘Seinfeld of email’. What you’ve done is managed to create a whole new field within email. The strategies you use are really complex and well thought out. I doubt most people could figure out all of the stuff you’ve been doing.”

-Roger Haeske

“Ben, even though I probably know the same copywriting and marketing “secrets” you do, I kept falling down flat writing my own sales letter. When I hired you, I was only expecting a 4 page sales letter. I was shocked when I received a 10-page whoop-ass sales letter and order form! Not only did you write a killer letter for me, but you included so many OTHER ways to increase my front and backend profits my head is STILL spinning with ideas weeks later! Thanks a million.”

-Steve Habib, Author
“How To Buy The Perfect Purebred Puppy”

“Ben, Within just one week of applying your methods to writing a JV proposal letter, I closed two new (and very lucrative) project deals! Your advice has made me an ultra busy woman.”

-Helen Swann, Professional Writer

“Ben Settle’s sales letters are so powerful they make some people hate him with a passion… and others love him to pieces. But whether they hate him or love him… they simply CAN’T stop reading. THAT is how powerful Ben’s copy is. He’s THE dude to study if you want to write powerful copy that makes a bunch of money.””

– “Doberman” Dan Gallapoo, Direct Response Copywriter

“Your free ‘Copywriter’s Cheat Sheet’ book is more valuable than 97.9% of the books I’ve paid money for. In fact, I haven’t even read the whole thing and I’m already putting your tips to work on an ad I’m writing.”

-Mike Low

“Ben, regarding the copywriting critique you gave me. I never have considered myself a copywriter in spite of the fact I am a writer. TWO different skills. And the fact I understand DM techniques does NOT mean I can write copy. That’s why I knew I needed your eye. And you gave me MORE than I hoped for and I appreciate it so very much.”

-Greg Perry, Best-Selling Author & eBay Powerseller

“You really do a brillant job explaining things. I have course’s by the pros, and they don’t tell you exactly how to do it, like you.”

-Muna Pubari

“Your site Rocks! I’ve only read 2 of your newsletters so far and I was compelled to write you this email to say thank you! And keep up the good work!”

-Luke Donnelly

“I think you’re providing a fantastic service, and it’s hard to put a price on it. I have a copy of ‘Breakthrough Advertising’, but I didn’t really see the whole TV ad in it. So when I saw you were offering the whole ad, I was amazed and delighted. People like you inspire me a lot. Excellent service. Excellent service.”

-Swans Paul
Instant Results Advertising

“I always look forward to reading your newsletter because … just about every issue unlocks some little gem (based on proven strategies), that’s been tucked and buried away deep within the ‘master adman’s’ sacred treasure chest. Like the Eugene Schwartz format, he used, to sell a book for ‘Prevention.’ Awesome! Thanks and for God’s sakes tell me more!”

-Lee Honts

“Ben, I have found TONS of pure GOLD in your newsletters and on your website. When I see an email from you…I immediately click ‘read’ because I KNOW there is going to be something in that little note/letter that is going to help me learn something valuable. If you know a valuable secret or resource, you always share it.”

-Bill Chipps

“I found the link to your newsletter website this evening and I couldn’t stop until I read them all! I enjoyed everything you wrote and see several ways to improve my copywriting. Now I’m in deep sh*t, because I gotta get up early and get to work!”

-Rob Dunn


“Ben, I was amazed you could find things about our project, ‘Silver Bells’, we hadn’t even thought of. Next time I produce another product or special interest item, I’m calling you before I even think of writing the first advertisement!”

-Janet Fisher
Goodnight Kiss Music (BMI)

“Dear Ben, I have stopped keeping myself a secret, and one day at a time, I am learning to promote my self using your advice!”

-Irma Gonzalez, Debt Consultant

“I absolutely loved your sales letters. These are *exactly* what we need to achieve our goal. No-one even comes close to your standard.”

-Rebecca Rogers, The Online Marketing Library

“Ben, Thanks for taking my rambling words, studying my web sites, and turning everything into a dynamite sales letter. You were also a delight to work with which made the process so much easier for me.”

-Joann Javons

“Ben, I love your newsletter and it is in my always ‘read-every-word’ category. There are very few in this category because so many are simply a regurgitation of everything else on the Internet.”

-Carolyn Winslow

“Ben, You include good tips not found anywhere else. Even if I have seen some it before, you seem to present it from a fresh perspective.”

-Andy Havens


“WOW! Your newsletter just keeps getting better and better, and is one of the most amazing websites/ezines I have seen yet.”

-Ed Allen

“Hands down you have one of the best sites on the web.”

-David Dutton

“Thank you for all the great tips! This is stuff I can actually USE and not just read, nod and file away. They are proving invaluable as I learn about copywriting.”

-Karen Haley

“Ben, your free ‘Copywriters Cheat Sheet’ book is great stuff. The info in it is worth over $100. In fact, I’ve paid $79 and $99 for far less good info.”

-John Gilger, Freelance Copywriter

“I am so glad that I found your website. It has already been an extremely valuable resource for me in my first stages of learning copy.”

-Tammy Mays

“Ben you have one of the best BLOG/newsletters around. I always look forward to seeing your name in my inbox.”

-Norm Blankenship

“I really enjoy your writings and teachings. I’ve been involved as a direct response copywriter and marketing cosultant for 27 years. I find you have some very interesting and refreshing insights. Keep ‘em coming.”

-Rick Anderson
Creative Image Advertising

“Ben, I spent 31 years as a reporter and bureau chief at The Wall Street Journal and now handle writing/editing for corporate clients at a major PR firm. I really enjoy your insights and interviews. And I’m glad I found your blog.”

Tim Schellhardt

“Ben, you really know how to over-deliver and create value for your subscribers. You deliver so much value that I never want to NOT be on your list!”

-Winston Yap

“When it comes to keeping up with all the new stuff in direct marketing and copywriting, there’s 3 main sources I always rely on. The ones that never let me down. The Total Package is one…Bencivenga Bullets is the other…and Ben Settle’s excellent blog — his stuff is wickedly good!”

-Adam Carroll, Direct Response Copywriter

“In the past month I’ve picked through your site and I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without reading it. As I approach online marketing more seriously now, what I learn from you is going to be priceless!”

-Lisa Alexander

“I have several of Ben’s products and I have to say, hands-down, he provides better, more relevant, and more up to date copywriting and marketing content than anyone else out there…and his products are a real value when you compare them to those high-priced “guru-type” courses. Ben has helped me create significant sales increases for my copywriting clients. I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.”

-Brian Flatt, Copywriter

“Dude you kick butt, I love your blog, courses, and interviews. You are a true asset to a copywriter. The people you have interviewed are all unique, you’re asking them the things we all need to know… and to top it off, you know how to get a lot out of them every single time. You are the man!”

-Don Dubose


“Ben Settle is one of the premier copywriters of the 21st century, period. While the opportunity may be rare to hire Ben to write copy for your business…if you are fortunate enough to do just that, JUMP at the opportunity. Your business will thank you.”

-Joseph Ratliff

“Of all the top-notch copywriters, you are one of the most ethical and generous. In fact, you have TOO MUCH CONTENT. I can’t keep up with a tenth of it anymore, and find myself gathering gems on your site instead of working on my clients’ copywriting projects.”

-Dr. Jack Booman
Freelance Copywriter
expomktg (at)

“I just crammed my iPod with audio interviews off your site. I’ve heard of charitable contributions, but you’ve taken generosity to another level. After listening to just a few minutes of the first interview, I knew I had stumbled upon a treasure chest of marketing gold. Thank you!”

-Tom Trush

“I love to see what you’re going to write, every day I get one of these emails. Your thoughts and insights always make copywriting more challenging, inspiring and just plain fun. Can’t wait till my copy of the Copywriting Grab Bag arrives!”

-Marya Miller

“You, Ben, are worth more than your weight in gold. No. There is no price for what you know and give to your readers. Your honesty and being one of the ‘good ole boys’ goes beyond words.”

-Shirley Bass

“Ben writes some of the most compelling sales copy I’ve ever read. In our mastermind group we often exchange sales letters and critique each other. Every time Ben asks for a critique I stop what I’m doing and read his letter on the edge of my seat. He is an excellent copywriter who has taken the art of persuasion to a whole new level.”

-John “Angel” Anghelache

“Ben is one of the few people I read and listen to regularly because he’s ALWAYS got interesting and useful stuff to share.”

-Jon McCulloch, Direct Response Copywriter

“I’m saving quite a few of your emails into a folder on my Eudora – because studying them is ITSELF an education into marketing by email.”

-Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian


“His advice has ALWAYS helped increase sales. In one instance we used his ‘advanced’ e-mail tactics to generate close to $30K in a week, just using e-mail. His E-mail Players newsletter and Street Smart E-mail are perhaps the best e-mail training for marketing I’ve ever come across (and I’ve seen ALL of them).”

-Sanjay Pande
Top Marketing Specialist


“When I first stumbled on to Ben’s list my first reaction was to liken him to the comic Bill Burr. Like Burr he delivers outrageously irreverent material coupled with scathing social commentary that’s right on the money every time. Love or hate him, you won’t ignore him. And ultimately his message is delivered with such a wallop of whoop-ass’ing truth you can’t help but buy what he’s selling.”

-Keith Commins
Direct Response Web Designer


“For years Ben swore to me that email was all you need to create huge sale activity. A few weeks ago, I asked his advice on a new product launch I was doing. Followed his advice, almost blindly…and within days the sales started rolling in. i didn’t think it would happen with me! Until it happened…”

-Jim Yaghi
Computer Scientist

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