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Your Daily Email Addiction

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No time for chit-chat today.

My new print (i.e. offline) newsletter is now launched.

It’s called “The Crypto Marketing Newsletter.” And if you want to see if it’s something you want “in” on, just zippity-doo-dah on over to:

Ben Settle

P.S. Remember Friday’s email about daily emails?

Once in a while someone asks a similar (and equally good) question about why I send out FULL emails, instead of teasers that get people to click to a blog or whatever.

After all, few of the goo-roos do full emails, right?

Well, guess what?

Top email copywriter John Manley (email him at john (at) if you’re looking for an email copywriter who kicks bootay) recently took the full email vs teaser “taste test” on one of his clients’ lists, and here were his results over 4 unique tests:

  • Test A – Teaser email won by 18%

  • Test B – Full content email won by 122%

  • Test C – Full content email won by 144%

  • Test D – Full content email won by a whopping 3333% (literally a 1:33 ratio)

Not too shabby, is it?

A 3,000% better conversion ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

And it’s especially interesting how the teaser won the first time… but as the list got “used” to the full emails it wasn’t even close.

Just something to think about.

You can learn 10 easy ways to write emails that are perfect for sending out in full like this (that people love reading and buying from) in the first issue of The Crypto Marketing Newsletter over yonder:

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  • Email Specialist

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