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One of my favorite marketing teachers is Paul Hartunian.

He is the master of getting millions of dollars in free publicity and has done so for everything from selling the Brooklyn Bridge (which he did, and for only $14.95)… promoting his rare autograph business… his book on how to find the love of your life in just 90 days… getting donations to his dog shelter… and probably hundreds of other products, causes, and services.

Anyway, about his finding love book.

He used to make a small fortune off that book each Valentine’s Day, and maybe still does.

(Using just free publicity.)

And, he once told the story of how he used his PR skills to do it by getting what he calls “Gold Card” media appearances. Those are TV shows, radio programs, newspaper articles, etc that are known by everyone and mass broadcasted. And, just by getting on those shows you automatically make yourself “safe” to be interviewed by the rest of the media.

My favorite example is his Phil Donahue Show appearance.

He was on there due to his love book.

And, he said he didn’t make a single dime from being there. I don’t even think they mentioned his book, and certainly didn’t show people how to get it which is pretty standard on radio, for example.

But you know what?

It didn’t matter.

Donahue was a gold card media appearance.

And, it opened the door to him being on thousands of other shows.

And, he did profit from those other shows as a result of being on ye olde Donahue show.

(Regardless of Donahue not plugging his book.)

The point?

We can use this online, too, with email.


By aggressively going after gold card testimonials. These are testimonials from gurus, experts, industry leaders, celebrities, etc in your market that, even if they don’t “say” much, just their NAME makes you “safe” to buy from (even if they don’t promote your product), just like being on gold card media appearances made Paul Hartunian safe to be interviewed by the media.

So go for the gold, Chuckles.

One gold card testimonial can be worth actual gold, after all.

Speaking of which:

I can’t say you will get the same results, but practically every gold card testimonial I ever done gotted was via the consistent use of daily emails. If you were to look at my blog on the left hand column or on my media page, the vast majority of said gold card testimonials were responses to various daily emails using the methodology in my “Email Players” newsletter.

I’ve had other customers say the same has happened to them, too.

To start writing emails that can potentially get you that kind of attention, zip on over to:

Ben Settle

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Early last year, I got contacted by a bloke with a big email list wanting to hire me for consulting. My initial response was what I tell everyone wanting to hire me for consulting:


For one, I don’t particularly like talking to people.

Even friends & family know text or email is best.

And for another:

I simply have never found consulting worth my time. After all, the hour I spend consulting someone, I could assemble and mail an offer to my own list that would make me much more of the green stuff than a consulting fee — unless I charged several hundred dollars per hour for such a service, I suppose, and even then it’s just not something I enjoy.

But then, a light-bulb flickered in my devious mind, and I emailed him back:

“How about this, I consult you for an hour in exchange for you mailing your list about me, and referring them to check out my website?”

Long story short:

He enthusiastically agreed.

And, he not only mailed his list about me, but was so happy with the results, he made a YouTube video, too.

“Fast forward” a few months later:

I tested making the same offer to my “Email Players” subscribers.

And, while it was quite exhausting (I foolishly did multiple calls in the same days I did them), it wasn’t the hellish experience I was envisioning, and even caught myself having a bit of fun.

Which brings me to today:

I’m now making that same offer to my main email list (i.e. you):

If you qualify, I’ll give you an hour of consulting about anything I’m qualified to talk about — nothing held back, “uncut” and uncensored — in exchange for you emailing your list to opt-in at

Here’s how it works:

1. You must have an email list of at least 5,000 online business owners who both would be interested in the kind of info I write about and sell, and also who hear from you regularly via *email*. If you are one of these guys or ghouls who only uses social media and never emails, it ain’t gonna happen. That weeds out probably 95% of people reading this

2. You mail your list first, then we will do the consult

3. You can record and use the consult as content, a bonus/premium, even sell it if you want, it’s totally yours, and will be recorded on your zoom or skype or whatever, not by me

The deadline to respond to this is tomorrow night (2/16) by midnight EST.

My time is limited though, and I won’t be doing this for very many people. Frankly, if nobody reading this qualifies, I would not exactly lose sleep over it.

But, depending on the demand, this offer will almost certainly end way sooner than the deadline.

So I do not recommend putting this off even a single minute if you do qualify and want in on this.

To get the ball rolling, reply back with the details on your list before the deadline with the specifics about what kind of business people are on your list, what they like to buy/learn, size of it, and how often you mail it.

If it sounds like a good deal to me, we’ll make it happen.

If not, we won’t.

Ben Settle

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Recently, one of my articles at AWAI prompted this question:

“How does one that knows absolutely nothing about copyrighting or clientless copy, thus, having no niche OR product, get into this field of work?”

My initial response to questions like this is a meme I saw a while back.

The meme has Don Draper from “Mad Men” smiling while lifting a glass of whiskey to his mouth.

But, instead of it being Don Draper’s face, it’s Trump’s face, with the words:

“Fuck out of here”

Imagine someone thinking they can learn how to effectively build a direct response business in the comments section of an article, instead of buying the program the article is selling, instead.

Such is the average newbie’s mindset.

And if they don’t get beyond that mindset they’re dead in the water before starting.

Plus, there is something else going on.

Something nobody selling “how to get into business” ever wants to admit to. Something that was probably best illustrated by the late, great entertainer Red Skelton when he talking to his protege, the late, great King of Late Night Johnny Carson on Johnny’s show.

Here was the exchange they had:

JOHNNY CARSON: You taught me a lot. I stole a lot from you.

RED SKELTON: No, no you didn’t…nobody helps you get started. If you’ve got talent, they can put you behind a brick wall, you’ll come through. So that’s what you have.

Now, substitute “talent” for “skill” and you’ll know what I speaketh of.

In show business you probably need talent to make it big.

In the direct marketing business you merely need skill.

Talent is something you either have or don’t. But skill is something you can learn, hone, master, and perfect over time. And skill is something that is needed that newbies never seem to ask about or look for.

I once heard the great John Carlton put it like this:


Everyone wants to have already written, but nobody wants to write.

In other words:

Everyone wants to already have the proverbial 7-figure business up and running, with dozens of offers already created, world class sales copy already written for those offers, and a happy as pig-in-pewp base of customers already built who can’t wait to buy again and again again, for years, and decades in the future. But nobody wants to spend the ten of thousands of hours of time learning, practicing, and writing those world class sales letters & emails. Or spend the thousands of hours of time building out, testing, and tweaking those offers. Or spend the hundreds of hours required to change, adapt, and keep current on technological, market, and other changes that will invariably happen.

It takes time, effort, and sacrifice to learn and hone this skill.

Yes, including the parts I specialize in teaching — the email writing side.

And, fact is, very few people are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

But, not all is lost:

As your our Humble Host can at least teach you the skill part.

And, if you subscribe to my newsletter (which I teach in the book I give with new subscriptions — with already having a list) and with that content already created, and an actual business in place, then the February issue — that goes to the printer tomorrow — will show you a way to use that list and content to potentially create a flood of new sales, build a buyers list eager for more offers, and make some quick, “shot in the arm” profits unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

End of long run-on sentence…

If you got the above in place, go here immediately before tomorrow’s deadline:

Ben Settle

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Once upon a time I heard the great sales trainer & speaker Barry Maher say:

“Your business, marketing consulting, or any other business, is kind of like sex. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re probably not doing it right.”

And it reminds me of all the anti-email naysayers popping up.

Over the last 10+ years especially, I have noticed a gaggle of commonalities amongst many of these email doom ’n gloomers. Commonalities I’d bet green money is why they not only have so many troubles using this wonderful 8th wonder of the world media to sell with, but also why they feel the urge to tell their audiences about why email is dying, spam complaints are choking the life out of their sales, low response rates are rampant, there’s blood in the streets for anyone dumb enough to use email…

Yada yada yada.

Below are some of the more obvious commonalities I’ve noticed about these types.

And, I suspect if these doomsayers focused on fixing the problems below, they’d not only fix their email response, but the other holes in their sinking marketing ships that always seem to be under construction.

Anyway, some of these commonalities include:

  • They rarely mail their lists or only do it when they have something to launch, which — ironically — is almost certainly resulting in all the spam complaints they get, since their lists never hear from them, and legitimately probably do think their clever little copy is spam
  • They don’t do things to get any kind of engagement, which is very likely because…
  • They write boring emails full of lame lectures or 100% self-serving content nobody cares about
  • They treat emails like static sales letters, when emails are not the same animals as sales letters and are anything but static
  • They “sell the click” before selling the relationship
  • They inject little or none of their own personalities into their emails, and instead sound like a low IQ clone of whatever goo-roo they are mindlessly copying
  • They tend to use lame hacks & tricks to try to “game” people into clicking, engaging, and responding, instead of simply writing emails people want to engage with and respond to
  • They care way too much about open rates
  • They fear opt outs & pander to non-buyers
  • They spend more time building a social media following & seeking the approval of an echo chamber rather than building an email list and writing emails that curate and make people think

Those are just a few of the common “threads” I see amongst the anti-email brigade.

No wonder they never get (figuratively) laid…

Do with this info what you want.

But if you want to posses the skill to write emails people want to read, want to engage with, and want to buy from… then my “Email Players” newsletter may be what Herr Doktor ordered.

Especially the February issue which goes to the printer in less than 48 hours.

It’s all about a tried-and-true “old faithful” way of using email to pump those sales numbers up.

And, do it in record time.

i.e. read issue, apply, watch your sales stats in “real time.”

But, only if you have a for-real business.

With a list (even if a small list).

And the ability to create some content people want to buy.

Of course, if you don’t have the above, there’s not much anyone else can do to help you either.

Whatever the case, here’s the link to subscribe while you still can:

Ben Settle

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“I’d love to leave my door unlocked when I leave the house, but this ain’t Canada.”

— Justin Hammer
“Ironman 2”

Recently, I’ve been studying a Dan Kennedy training about creative thinking.

And, while it’s full of all kinds of ways to stimulate creative problem-solving, the most valuable part of the entire course has literally nothing to do with creativity or being more creative or marketing or selling or any of the usual suspects.

No, it was a part where he was talking about the healthcare system.

Specifically, in the US, where he predicted:

“…there will be some version of nationalized health that probably looks something like the Canadian system that everybody gets…And it’ll be like getting your heart surgery done at the post office or the DMV and obviously people like you and I will want nothing to do with it.”

He then followed up with this kicker:

“It’s another very good argument for making sure you get rich, because failing to do so probably destines you to having the postal worker taking off your bunions after you’ve waited three months for an appointment. I mean that’s where were headed.”

This was recorded many years ago.

But, I suspect he’s right.

Sooner or later the liberals’ll get their way.

And, when it happens, I also believe an entire niche industry (and opportunity) will pop up for doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and other healthcare providers that will be priced to the hilt, with far better bedside care & services with far less deaths or botched procedures, and well out of reach of anyone but those who make — at the bare minimum — upper 6-figures per year, if not 7-figures per year.

ie these rich patients’ll get the kind of treatment our politicians get.

Now, there are two types of people reading this:

1. People who agree with Mr. Kennedy’s prediction, that it’ll be horrifying

2. People who disagree him, and think it’ll be great

My ex-spurt opinion?

I think it will eventually get bad on all kinds of levels, in all kinds of ways.

Especially for small, independent business owners.

As people who have this month’s January 2020 “Email Players” issue and read the bonus elBenbo’s Lair insert have seen, to say I have a sense of outright emergency about the future in the next 10-15 years or so especially is an understatement. And while there isn’t a whole lot of control any one of us has over the political, ideological, and other ever-shifting world-wide forces raging on a national and international scale, one thing we can control is working at building as secure and profitable a business as possible. And, as bad as I suspect it’ll be for businesses who can’t afford to line the right pockets, I still believe commerce will still be around, and that learning how to sell, market, build a business, and create as much financial security as you can — before any big, sweeping changes happen — is vital if you want to have as smooth a landing as possible during the coming turbulence.

However, let’s face it:

Very few people have any sense of urgency, much less emergency.

After all, the stock market is operating at a crazy high pace.

Even cancel culture loving millennials jonesing for socialism & decrying capitalism on social media platforms with their $800 iPhones have full bellies with plenty of entertainment to distract them, and all the time in the world to virtue signal about their pet social justice causes on Twitter & Facebook.

And from what I’ve read of history, many of the so-called “poor” in Western civilization live as good today — in terms of having food, entertainment, and material possessions — as royalty did at various times in history.

But that same history says what goes up will go down.

And, crash in direct proportion to how high it went.

i.e. The suffering from climbing and then falling from a ten foot tree is a mere irritation compared to the suffering, horror, and pain inflicted from climbing a 100ft tall building and then falling.

Just my opinion.

Which, of course, you can whatever you want with…

Anyway, I don’t pretend to have all the answers or solutions to this.

But, if you want to know what I’m doing to prepare from a business point of view — and possibly even prosper — for the coming fall, subscribe to “Email Players”, read it carefully each month, and have the ambition to apply it to your own business ventures, while not getting distracted by nonsense.

Go here to get the February issue before the looming deadline, while you can:

Ben Settle

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If you want to do your marketing, your business, and, yes, your righteous bank account a huge, flashing-red-light favor, then do an intense study on everything the great Dan Kennedy has taught on the subject of what he calls:

“Unused Capacity.”

What this means is:

Every business has time, resources, assets, and attributes it’s not using, but could be using, to massively grow the size and scope of their operation, and sometimes overnight. I’ve been studying Dan Kennedy’s teachings on this subject for the past few years, as it’s a very deep topic you won’t learn in an email like this beyond the obvious surface elements.

And, thus, I’ve been rapidly implementing this idea whenever I can.

It’s truly a life-long activity — as I am constantly finding unused capacity.

Including in places I thought I already had looked for it.

Take, for example, a special kind of sale I tested last year.

It was the most obvious and simple kind of sale I could quickly assemble and implement I’ve ever used. And, I was able to put it together in about an hour, and start profiting from it literally the next day.

All because:

1. I was on the lookout for unused capacity

2. I implemented it as soon as I found it

As far as #1 goes, I refer you to the great Dan Kennedy’s teachings. I’m not a salesman or affiliate for No BS Inner Circle who sells all his trainings. So you will have to do your own homework on where to find said trainings of his.

When in doubt, try their support.

The money and effort will be well worth it.

But as far as #2?

I will be showing exactly how to use the piece of unused capacity I do — and still do — to crank out an extremely profitable email-driven campaign. Every business I can think of who has a list and content has this unused capacity, or could have it with a bit of effort. And, there is no reason said businesses can’t profit even more than I did the first time I did it (I made many dumb mistakes when I did, yet still did nearly $20k in sales with about an hour of work — your mileage will, of course, vary with your business, market, offers, etc).

Thus, the February “Email Players” issue.

It goes to the printer in less than 48 hours.

After that, it’ll be too late to get it.

Especially since I’m such a jerk about enforcing my deadlines and not making “exceptions.”

I not only have contempt for procrastinators, I take pleasure in rejecting them.

It’s the only way to train them to be better people

And, yes, increase my own sales at the same time…

Whatever the case, time is severely short to get this issue.

Here’s the urgent link to get it while you still can:

Ben Settle

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If you’ve been reading these emails for very long, you will no doubt have noticed I not only do not cater to newbies, but in some cases even show contempt for some of them.

Not all of them, of course.

I am specifically only referring to the foolish ones who think they can start with “advanced.”

With no desire to learn the “boring”  basics & fundamentals first.

These particular types of newbies do nothing but waste my time, ask questions which would be answered if they picked up a marketing/copywriting 101 book or stopped being cowards and took some chances, and who demand coddling, handholding, a checklist to cling to like a blanky, and everything spelled out, with as little thinking as possible. Much like an employee does. All while thinking — and proclaiming to their other newbie friends on social media — they are an “entrepreneur!”

Yes, it can be – and is – quite amusing.

But sometimes it’s annoying, too.

Especially when these lazy types sneak into my world and subscribe to “Email Players”, which is not only clearly not intended for them, but they don’t yet have the skill or experience to use even if they have the intellect to read the words – or, if they are in that position, the desire to get up to speed to use it.

Like this blue light special, who said:

“I messed up. I should’ve signed up when I had a list and an offer. And now I know why. You said that many times over and even bolded it but I didn’t listen.”

No shyt, Sherlock.

The irony:

It never occurs to small thinkers like this to use the situation to treat their business like an actual business for a change. By that I mean, they already have the info, so they might as well use the opportunity to sac up, and start building a list & creating or finding an offer to sell – which anyone with an 8th grade education can start doing in as little as a few hours using just a smart phone and social media, or even free article sites and/or JVs with other newbies, if that’s all they have. Then, they can use the info in the newsletters to write emails selling said offer.

But they don’t think that way.

Not these types of newbies, at least.

Their first & only reaction is roll over & surrender.

Thus, I find their lack of vision & ambition to problem solve downright embarrassing.

Also thus, I ban them from coming back later.

In fact, in the not-too-distant-future, technology has made it so I can start finally blocking these contemptible new product junkies & small-thinker do-nothing types not only from buying other books & products I sell, but also even start denying them access to the free info on my new business App by locking them out altogether from it, as I am very likely only going to make it accessible to “Email Players” subscribers by year’s end.

Lots of other businesses will happily take the new product junkie type of newbie’s money.


I prefer these low-quality lazy types haunt someone else, so I can focus on & make more room for high-quality business.

All that said, not all newbies are created equal.

Like, for example, “Email Players” subscriber Fotis Chat.

(Hiya Fotis!)

I remember many years ago when he was a raw, “wriggling” newbie, with no experience, offers, or list to speak of. He asked about subscribing to “Email Players” and I told him not to, it’d be a waste of his money, etc. I don’t remember the exact email thread, but that was the gist of it.

Anyway, I thought he’d go on his merry way.

But, instead, he defiantly ignored my commands and subscribed anyway.

And, since then, he’s become quite successful.

And, one time a few years back, I remember writing an email warning newbies away and he reminded me of his accomplishments and that not all newbies are the same, etc. And he was right. There are a few such types such as himself and, when I was getting started, Yours Crotchety, who were able to figure things out without needing checklists, an endless string of coaches, constant coddling & handholding, everything spelled out, etc, where we found what resources we needed, bought them, and used them, figured things out, made mistakes, learned from said mistakes, and plowed forward.

I have to stress though:

These types of newbies are as rare as honest politicians.

And if you are a newbie reading this, chances are you are NOT one of them, no matter how much your rationalization hamster after listening to a Gary Vee or Grant Cardone or Anthony Robbins pep talk may be telling you otherwise. And, thus, you should not be buying the newsletter, and would be better off educating yourself with the free training in my mobile App (while you can), media page on my blog, daily emails, or low cost Kindle books, and implementing those first, instead.

How can you tell if you are one of the chosen few (fewbies?) who is ready?

If you have to ask, then you’ve answered your own question, Maynard.

I don’t teach email “hacks” newbies endlessly chase. I know hacks are all the rage these days. Email hacks, copywriting hacks, funnel hacks, this hack, or that hack, or whatever.

But my newsletter doesn’t teach said hacks.

Neither do any of my other books.

In my experience, only two types of people chase hacks & tricks:

(1) experienced marketers who have mastered the basics, for whom a legitimately ethical & valuable hack/tactic/trick can potentially add some significant coinage to their pockets. And (2) hapless newbies with no list, offer, or business to speak of who think they can use shortcuts or advanced info without the experience needed to use said hacks or understand them in context.

Thus, I prefer newbies wait until they get out of the diaper phase of craving hacks & swipes, and hold off until they are ready for wisdom before subscribing.

After all, there are no “hacks” to learn.

No subject lines, body copy, or closes to “swipe.”

And, no secret ninja tricks to run on your customers.

i.e. It’s mostly far more strategical than tactical.

And this is especially true of the upcoming February “Email Players” issue. If you don’t have a list, content, or a business… there is simply no way you can profit from the information inside. And if you are a contemptible new product junkie looking for your latest dopamine fix of “NEW!!” information?

Then, as I say on page 10:

“There is nothing ‘new’ here, just a new way of applying what I’ve already taught you, assuming you were wise enough to read The Email Players Skh?ma Book, at least.”

Okay, enough.

The deadline to get this issue approaches fast.

Here’s the link to subscribe in time to get in while you still can:

Ben Settle

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One of the tag lines I’ve given myself — that some dork will probably copy/swipe for their dopey little Linkedin or Facebook profile to try to sound “cool” now — is:

“Email Supremacist”

I do it for several reasons.

One of which is it is literally true:

Email is — at this time, and likely for many more years to come — a superior marketing medium above all others for my business. Yes, I know this contradicts certain direct mail supremacists who like to talk about low email delivery rates, and all the gazillions of dollars they make for their clients, etc. I don’t doubt their sincerity, by the way. There are some markets where a sharp business with tight marketing game can make direct mail far superior. But unless you have their mastery of direct mail, money to invest to test, and the patience to wait, find/test the right lists to rent, and crunch all the demographics, psychographics, costs, percentages, response rates, profit margins needed, and probably over a dozen other metrics, email is where it’s at for speed, convenience, simplicity, and bigger ROI for the vast majority of business people in my particular corner of the business world.

If you want to fight me on that because a guru said different, you’ll have to argue with me in your mind.

I’m not here to attack direct mail.

I use direct mail all the time myself on the backend, as it’s built-in to my main offer. Not to mention some aggressive postcard ideas I am keen on testing to certain segments of my buyers list, as well.

I am simply saying why I think email is superior for my business.

Case in point:

I’ve talked to two of the planet’s foremost experts on direct mail – including the great Craig Simpson. And both of them told me the same thing – there are no lists you can rent to get the kind of customers I want and prefer dealing with.

Thus, my Email Supremacist attitude.

Others’ experiences will obviously vary, depending on their product, industry, preferences.

But for Yours Crotchety’s front end operation, email has always blown direct mail away in terms of ROI, speed, and off-the-wall response. And the amusingly ironic thing is, I have yet to get a direct mail letter about how email is dying, how opens & engagement & sales are down with email, and all the other typical sky is falling doomsaying about email from anyone. I only get *emails* telling me about these things. And make no mistake, I keep checking my mail each day looking for such a direct mail letter. I also keep asking the long-suffering counter workers at the post office if they’ve seen it, have been complaining to my local Postmaster about it, and even cosidered burglarizing the mail boxes around mine to see if they got the letter by mistake.

But so far, no such direct mail letter.

I have only heard about the death of email via *email*… just like the first time I ever heard about the so called death of text sales letters was in a text sales letter selling a video sales letter (VSL) info product, with a “death of sales letters!” headline.

The irony is nothing if not entertaining.

And this goes quadruple with social media supremacists.

Take, for example, when one of my daily email readers told me how Gary Vee was teaching people to push out 100+ pieces of content on social media daily.

It’s insane.

Especially knowing they are building another company’s platform & revenues & content library first, before their own, doing so.

But, it’s a prime example of email’s supremacy over social media, too.

I’d bet green money someone who knows what they are doing with email can make more sales sending a handful of emails they quickly write and load in an autoresponder, dripped out over 4 or 5 days to a list of 1,000 people… than a chest-pounding social media rockstar can make sending 100+ posts per day to 100,000 so-called followers during that same time frame.

Enter the February “Email Players” issue.

It shows how you can potentially make far more of the green stuff using a handful of emails, you’ve already written in most cases, to quickly – with the push of a few buttons – blow away any results you’d get using direct mail, social media, or any other media that is supposedly “best” now.

You can spend hours pushing out 100 social media posts per day if you want.

Or weeks writing, sending, and tracking direct mail, renting lists, babysitting letter shops, calculating your ROI and margins, etc.

Or, you can use my ridiculously simple recipe in the February issue, spending mere minutes loading up your autoresponder with a handful of emails you’ve already written, to a sales page you’ve probably mostly already created, selling content you’ve already created or could create very quickly.

The key part of this is, if you have a list and some content you’ve already created.

And, if you have the character & ambition to follow my commands.

Whatever the case, the deadline to get this issue looms.

Hit the jump below to get it while you still can:

Ben Settle

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There are certain movies I’ve profited from immensely over the years.

Some have obvious “how to” lessons.

Others are a bit more esoteric, but all can bring far more money, sales, influence, and overall dominance in your market than you are getting now.

One of these movies is:

“Cinderella Man”

It’s based on the true-life story of Depression-era ex-boxer James J. Braddock (played by Russell Crowe) who works as a day laborer until his former manager Joe Gould (played by Paul Giamatti) offers him a one-time slot against a rising young contender. After he wins a shocking upset he wasn’t “supposed” to win (and was to be a fall guy), Braddock goes back into the ring full time, to ultimately fight the villainous champ Max Baer — known for literally killing his opponents in the ring.

It’s one of my all-time favorite movies.

And, this is especially due to it showing the power of Keeping Up Appearances.

There are two scenes in particular that illustrate this.

The most powerful is when Braddock is fighting one of the highest ranking boxers in the world. He takes a devastating hit to his face, with the impact so hard, it knocks his mouthpiece out. To which, enduring near intolerable pain, Jim merely smiles at him.

Added to which what his cut man Joe Gould tells him to do when he goes to his corner.

Not sit down.

Not rest.

Not even spit in a bucket, I don’t think.

No, he says:

“Don’t sit down. You’re not tired. You’re fine.” He also waves off the sponge man with the bucket and water. Then he tells Braddock, while looking at his opponent. “Shake your head like you don’t need it. You don’t want it. Yeah, now he’s gonna wonder “if Braddock is such an old man, why is he still standing. Why is he still coming at me?”

The result?

This top ranked boxer, who just gave his very best, to this old man underdog who should have gone down… is completely psychologically beaten & intimidated.

You’ll have to see the movie to watch what happens next.

But, I’ll just say this:

It’s one of the single greatest success lessons I’ve seen from Hollywood.

It’s also a shining example of the power of Keeping Up Appearances.

There’s another, more obvious example of this in the movie, too.

But if you want to mess with your competition… while actually being the successful boy or ghoul you want everyone to think you are on social media and giving yourself an advantage over every single business you ever compete against for the rest of your days, master the art and craft of Keeping Up Appearances. Especially when you are at your lowest, most dejected, and blackest hour, when people think you are beaten.

Always keep up appearances, my little fledgling.

Nobody else is, I can assure you.

Especially people on social media who always eventually crack when under enough pressure and start complaining about their lives, their setbacks, and their problems.

Don’t be that guy or ghoul.

Be better…

Okay, enough spit bucket water for the soul.

I have a list of movies I’ve drawn lessons from like this.

Lessons that, if you watch and apply, can be some of the most valuable business & overall success educational experiences you will ever get anywhere else, including in high-priced courses, programs, and seminars.

And the February “Email Players” issue contains said list.

Specifically, in the bonus elBenbo’s Lair insert, along with the main take-away I got.

There are 6 such movies on this list.

And if you want to have a figurative “Movie Night With elBenbo”, simply watch these movies, have your antenna up for lessons like the above while watching them, and you’d have to be nearly brain dead not to make yourself better at virtually everything you do in business — whether writing emails and sales copy or intimidating your competition.

The deadline to get this issue is coming up fast.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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Not a big fan of the whole publicly counting money thing.

But, I am not sure how else to explain the following method of creating a reliable, repeatable, and very customer-loving way for creating some smackola on demand, once, twice, even three times or more per year, depending on how ambitious you are, how well you have your act together with your offers, and how serious you are about being in business as opposed to being a contemptible, do-nothing little new product junkie or marketing hobbyist.

Anyway, here’s the story:

Early last year, Yours Gruesome tested a special sale that, unlike virtually all my offers… was intended specifically for the hyper buyers on my list.

Usually, I ignore the hyper buyers.

i.e. those who buy everything & anything – especially low priced “impulse” offers.

The reasons are many, and I’ve yapped about them before.

But, for reasons that included wanting to help a lot of ye olde hyper buyers out for a change, wanting to test a new kind of offer, and (the biggest reason of all) also I had just bought a new Lair, and I wanted to more easily pay it off as soon as the 6 month window I had to carry a mortgage for in order to not screw over my mortgage guy (he wouldn’t have gotten paid his commission had I paid it off earlier) hit… I decided to do this special sale.

Anyway, short story long:

This sale — when used in conjunction with my Email Players methodology — was the fastest, simplest, and easiest scratch I probably ever done made up in this business.

It took about an hour to set it up — sales page & emails.

And, due to being burned out from moving to a new Lair, I completely half-assed it.

Spent only an hour or so combined on the emails & sales page.

The result:

$16k in sales.

Not exaggerated goo-roo launch numbers, or anything.

But not too shabby for about an hour or so of “work.”

Plus, if I’d done a few of the simple things I was too burned out to do, I’d have very likely doubled or tripled that.

Which brings me to the plop:

You, too, can possess this template for a tried-and-true profitable offer to use and reuse (I will be doing another one later next month) each year once I instruct you in the alphas & omegas of how to do it for your business. And potentially do it the same day you learn it, if you choose.

The only caveats are:

1. You will have to have a list

2. You will have to have at least a modest amount of content already created or be willing to create said content — whether full fledged products (eBooks, videos, audio, does not matter)

3. You will have to not be a contemptible new product junkie or marketing hobbyist

In other words:

Maybe 5% of the people in all of the land of Internet Markania can use this template.

But, it’s only to those 5% I cater too anyway.

The rest can continue being social media bar flies or excuse makers, or whatever it is the vast majority of wannabes do when they aren’t idiotically swiping, mining pirate sites for free content they’ll never use, and searching for shortcuts to prevent having to do any real work.


I certainly hope so.

I intend to quadruple down on my customer curation this year.

That said, this sales template is something I will be using over and over and over going forward, and there’s no reason you can’t also use it to make sales on demand, practically any time you desire to, using content you’ve *already* created, sending emails you’ve *already* written, and, yes, utilizing sales copy you’ve *already* slaved over, and would like to get paid on perpetually instead of just once or once in a while.

The details of this little ditty are in the coming February “Email Players” issue.

Including what to do.

What NOT to do (I screwed myself quite badly in lost sales).

And, how to make it go smooth as honey for your righteous business.

This issue, of all issues I’ve written in over 100 issues published, contains the most immediate, cash-in-the-bank info I’ve taught. Simply follow my special “recipe” with the ingredients I lay out, shove it in the oven, and wait for the proverbial timer to ding and pull out some quick profits.

All right enough teasing.

The deadline to get this issue is coming up fast.

And, as people who try to subscribe after the deadline each month are fast learning — I am a tyrant about not letting people in. Including going as far as turning the newsletter off in the shopping cart after the deadline — always prompting the procrastinators to think they are doing me some kind of favor “letting me know” my cart has a glitch or whatever.

It’s no glitch in the software, Maynard.

The glitch is your procrastination.

Okay enough.

If you do NOT have the qualifications above, don’t bother subscribing.

This issue will do nothing but add to your pile of other trainings you never use.

Go find some goo-roo on facebook to haunt instead.

Here’s the link for the 2 or 3 people left both qualified & interested in this:

Ben Settle

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