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An opinion, that also happens to be a fact…

I believe Zack Snyder is the most hated director in Hollywood. He’s like the “Trump” of moviemakers. And I fully admit to a borderline jealousy of his ability to create Berserker-like fans & enemies alike.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. He is equally hated and loved, with no lukewarm reactions to him or his work from those who know who he is and watch his movies

2. His fans are all labeled as “toxic” even though his gaslighting haters are 10xs more so

3. His fans are constantly shamed, marginalized, and mocked to the point many hide the fact they are fans of Snyder at all just so they don’t have to deal with it

4. Many blame him for all that’s wrong with movies

5. His name and Mission not only resurrected a movie (the infamous “Snydercut”) that was supposedly DOA and considered a mere fanboy pipe dream… but he was given $70 million of additional money to fix it up, even though its preceeding movie (Batman v Superman) movie flopped at the box office

6. He basically pulled off a miracle getting his Snydercut released at all, even as everyone (including some of his diehard fans who gave up in despair) said it’d never happen, and even outright laughed at & mocked those who said it would

7. His fans are so devoted they fully intend to make sure a sequel gets made even with Snyder playing coy and acting like it won’t — even while his haters almost pray it never happens

8. Everything he says gets him hated more by his haters (they even found reasons to hate him after raising a few hundred thousand dollars for a suicide awareness cause) and loved more by his diehard fans

9. Many of his haters have admitted they couldn’t resist watching the movie — which only helped it with whatever success it got, i.e., the movie profited from his haters (who became unwitting members of Snyder’s marketing department for it) as much as it did the fans

10. He simply does not compromise, and goes for what he wants no matter what anyone says or thinks — all of which attracts his fans to him like a magnet, while making his haters go even more bonkers seething at the moon

Which brings me to the punchline:

The Snydercut is a magnificent example of Sixth-generation marketing warfare.

Snyder’s fans & haters were/are at WAR with each other in a way where Snyder has financially benefited in ways he never could have otherwise. Even though he did not ask to be paid to finish his cut and release it, it will almost certainly translate into many future deals he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, plus getting him and his brand all new fans who will see his future movies.

And it’s all because his fans made it not just a Mission but a VIRTUE to war on his behalf.

They were willing — and probably unwitting — soldiers in his war.

And it all played out on the 6G marketing warfare battlefield.

Thus the April “Email Players” issue.

It’s all about what I have dubbed Sixth-generation marketing warfare.

It’s also admittedly light on “how to” info.

Instead it is almost all strategy & big concepts about 6G marketing warfare, which I believe can potentially take nearly any business from 4-figures to 5-figures, 5-figures to 6-figures, and 6-figures to 7-figures and beyond over time, assuming a business has the right amount of work ethic, patience, and discernment.

Without those attributes it will do your business zero good.

I say this to warn away the goo-roo fanboys and new product junkies.

The deadline is tomorrow – 3/31/21.

If you want it, I do not recommend procrastinating.

If you’re a current subscriber who wants it and whose credit card is expiring or you’re waiting for a new one, get your shyt together my friend and figure it out.

Either way:

This issue will have ramifications on everything else I teach for a long time.

Here’s the link:

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