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Today is the deadline to get the July “Email Players” issue.

Here are 15 reasons to subscribe today before it’s too late:

  • A powerful persuasion tip (straight from a world famous pick-up artist) that almost automatically makes you a high-value brand in the eyes of those you are selling to.
  • The best way I’ve ever used to sell continuity offers (newsletters, membership sites, etc) with email.
  • A not-very-nice (but 100% legal and ethical) secret used by two of history’s most notorious presidents that can get you far more respect, sales, and raving “frothing at the mouth” fans than you ever will by being a goodie two shoes.
  • A secret way to use bad news (doctors, ironically, do all the time) for getting clients and customers coming back you over and over, for years into the future.
  • The hidden danger in guru-worshipping that can kill your sales, your brand, and even your professional reputation.
  • How writing offensive emails that horrify and rattle people can get you on the “radars” of some of the biggest and most successful people in your industry. (Creating JV’s, friendships, contacts, and allies you never would get any other way.)
  • The absolute worst kind of email you can send (popularly taught by lots of marketing gurus and ex-spurts) that is guaranteed to (1) hurt your sales (2) train your list to look down on you and (3) send your list directly to any of your competitors who don’t send emails like this.
  • The single worst way (practically everyone does — and it hurts their sales every single time) to respond to critics, trolls, and envious haters.
  • How to mastermind a Facebook group people literally get addicted to being in.
  • How to get scientists to support your claims and ideas in your ads, emails, and other content.
  • My #1 favorite headline copywriter, and their site I go to whenever I want inspiration, ideas, and themes for my subject lines.
  • How to use an ordinary ball to get the attention of almost any potential client, customer, JV partner, or anyone else whose attention you want.
  • A small “attitude shift” you can make in your emails (starting right away) that made Steve McQueen the biggest and highest paid movie star of his time.
  • A deranged picture book that I believe can make anyone who reads (and applies my instructions to it) it a far better writer, copywriter, and communicator.
  • And a lot more…

Including a gift (nobody else on the planet has yet) I am giving subscribers since July is my birthday month. (Warning: This gift is not secksy at all, and most will probably not even use it because it’s free, and therefore won’t Value it — but the few who do will almost certainly find a lot more success, sales, and peace of mind for the rest of 2018 and beyond.)

Again, today is the deadline.

Once I send it to the printer today, it’ll be too late to get it.

Here is the link:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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