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A couple months ago I listed a bunch of rare swipe file resources.

Today I want to give you a different list.

Not a swipe file list… but a list of copywriting and marketing resources that have had a HUGE impact on my business and life.

These are not the “usual suspect” sites.

They are what I like to think of as “hidden” resources you probably don’t hear a lot about.

Each one has helped me out tremendously… and I think they’ll help you, too.

Let’s get crackin’…

1.) Robert Kiyosaki’s weekly “Yahoo!” column:

It’s almost impossible NOT to learn something new about making money, investing money or keeping more of your money from Robert Kiyosaki’s columns and his books.

In fact, millions of people’s lives were changed (especially mine) after reading Kiyosaki’s famous “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book (which I believe should almost be required reading for everyone 14 years or older.)

Plus, he’s one of the finest communicators around.

His books, columns and articles are masterpieces of clarity, persuasion, storytelling and “invisible” writing — that melts right into your brain without calling attention to itself.

If you’re interested in writing better copy, you can do a lot worse than reading Kiyosaki’s stuff.

2.) Streaming talk radio show list:

The beauty of talk radio is it’s rife with direct response ads.

Some of these ads are so good they build gigantic customer lists and generate millions of dollars in sales in one shot.

Which is why I try to listen to talk radio as often as possible.

Not only does it help keep you “sync” with the culture and current events… but it also keeps you in sync with what kinds of ads are working.

If you want a power education in direct response advertising click on a couple shows at the above link (the most popular ones are listed at the top) and you’ll get all you can handle.

3.) Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s website:

Tom Schreiter is an MLM trainer and teacher.

And while I don’t do MLM, I study Big Al’s stuff in microscopic detail.


Because the way he works his site, segments his lists, bonds with his customers and runs his information marketing campaigns are a direct marketing seminar in itself.

And no… you don’t have to be in MLM to get value from his stuff.

Just browse his site and look at what he’s doing and how he’s doing it, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

(Incidentally, another brilliant marketer in the MLM world is Art Jonak at I don’t know if he still does his Sunday teleconference calls, but I learned as much about the art of selling from those short calls than I have from any other book or resource since. It’s worth looking into if you’re new to selling and want a solid foundation to build on.)

4.) Jim Rutz’s weekly column:

I talk about Jim Rutz and this weekly column at length in “The Copywriter’s Crib Sheet” (get it free by signing up for my “Free Email Newsletter” in the upper right hand corner of this page).

Jim Rutz is a true genius and I simply cannot get enough of his writings.

Plus, his articles contain not only some of the best “copywriting” you’ll ever see… but also some of the most shocking and controversial content you’ll ever see, too.

I’m talking about the kind of inspiring stories you’d read in the Bible… combined with the “can’t be done” sensationalism you find in supermarket tabloids!

And he’s a freakin’ master at persuasion.

Which, in politics and religion (what he mainly writes about), comes in pretty handy!

5.) Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret” recording:

Earl Nightingale was co-founder of the world-famous Nightingale-Conant Company and became so successful so quickly, he retired at the age of 35 a millionaire.

Back in the 1950’s he revealed his “strange” success secret in this short recording which is packed with so much wisdom and information it’s staggering.

In fact, I suggest listening to it multiple times and often.

Especially if you’re feeling kind of down or seek answers to a distressing problem.

And finally, last but certainly not least…

6. Doug D’Anna’s “A-List”:

I first heard about Doug D’Anna from Ken McCarthy and am just fascinated by his teachings.

Doug D’Anna is one of those master copywriters the huge mailers pay the big bucks to and is just brilliant.

His free “A-List” e-newsletter is right up there with Gary Bencivenga’s and Clayton Makepeace’s and is one of the few emails I stop everything to read.

They’re packed with so much quality, useful information (you can actually use) you can read them over and over again and still learn something new each time.

Frankly, I’d be willing to pay money (good money) for the information he freely gives away to his list!

You can read more about Doug D’Anna and join his “A List” e-newsletter at:

OK, that’s it for today.

I’ve been getting into the habit of walking dogs down at the local dog shelter and I think I can hear ’em barking for me!

Until next time…

Just added an 8th link:
7. Doberman Dan’s Website:

I first heard of Doberman Dan from a forum post by my buddy Caleb Osborne.

And when you start reading through his free newsletters and portfolio you’ll become literally addicted to his stuff!

Yep, he’s THAT good at the direct marketing game.

Plus, you’ll find his newsletters are on a much “deeper” level than most free marketing letters.

And he’s NOT afraid to say things that stir people up (i.e. his views on debt).

A few weeks back I actually had the pleasure of talking with Doberman Dan over the phone and he’s one of the savviest marketers you’ll ever meet. He’s also one of the few copywriters out there who learned his skills “on the street” with his own money (not his clients’ money)… and he even used to work alongside Gary Halbert.

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