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One of the many books I recommended to “Email Players” subscribers recently, is a book called “The Marvel Comics Story” by Sean Howe.

Not so much as a “what to do” book.

But, more of a “what NOT to do” book.

As a long-time Marvel fan — decades before it became trendy to be a fan when all these recent fair weather fans created by the Marvel movies were making fun of true comicbook fans — I can tell you, the book is quite depressing in many ways. Overall, it was NOT the jovial place the late, great Stan Lee made it out to be in his monthly Stans’s Soap Box column, with a happy and go-lucky bullpen of creators taking over the world.

Yes, there was a lot of that in the 60’s and 70’s.

But, come the 80’s and beyond, it became a horror show of disappointment & despair, with broken lives, early deaths, and even outright suicides resulting in some cases.


The short answer is greed.

As the company got bought by a string of ever-greedy publishers & stock holders who simply saw it as a cash cow to be picked clean of its meat at the expense of its soul, it turned into something that, today, is barely treading water compared to what it once was financially. The comicbook side has become a huge joke full of inane wokeness & convoluted continuity, written by some of the most emotionally damaged & inept writers you’ll ever see — with the movies & character licensing now being the main source of Marvel’s income from what I can tell.

And if you think the movies are going to have a different fate, think again.

It will likely still take some time.

But, it’s already going in the same direction under the watch of the Evil Mouse. And if you are paying attention to Star Wars’ free falling brand right now, that is but a taste of what awaits the Marvel brand.

The mindless fanboys will “LOL!!!!” at this because they are stupid.

But, time always reveals all…

Which brings me to the point:

I once read a Chinese proverb from the great, and esteemed Matt Furey:

“A strength overextended becomes a weakness.”

And if Marvel Comics ain’t an example of that, I don’t know what is.

It’s also something that can happen with some of the info I reveal inside the upcoming December “Email Players” issue. Word-for-word I believe this year-end and 101st issue of my noble tabloid-like publication can be some of the most immediately profitable info a business can utilize.

I know it has been for me.

And, especially used in the exact ways described inside its pages.

But, it can also be overused just as easily if you start looking at your list and market as mere numbers & transactions who exist for no other reason than to make your long-suffering piggybank squeal with new profits with short term profits and one-time buyers… vs looking at it as a way to serve and enhance the lives of your market with long term profits & lifetime customers. “Customers”, as I once read “Email Players” subscriber Ken McCarthy say it, make a “custom” to buy from you over and over, for years into the future.

Greed’ll get you every time, Hoss.

And, I believe this is quadruply true with the info inside the December issue.

Whatever the case, the deadline to subscribe in time to get it approaches fast.

Here is the link:

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  • Email Supremacist
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