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One of the best biographies I ever done read is Dan Kennedy’s:

“My Unfinished Business”

The part I liked best?

A chapter on why he thinks if you’re in America, now’s the time to make whatever money you’re going to make. And the reason why is, the unsustainable levels of debt, spending, entitlements, liabilities, etc our politicians have been kicking down the road each election is eventually going to create a huge problem simply printing more money won’t solve.

As Mr. Kennedy put it:

“The race is on to get out of the game before the rules become so unfair that you cannot possibly win…Have the home you live in paid off. Have enough cash to last your lifetime if all you do is eat principal, so there’s no income to be taxed at all.”

Sobering words indeed for a New Years party night.

But, they are also words of wisdom from a man who has fought everyone from multiple bankruptcies, to insanely corrupt government bureaucrats to, so far… even Death itself.

Ignore them at your peril.

Especially if you think you will be “exempt” from it all — because you won’t be.

Point is, make your money and get taxed on it now.

Before it shoots up to God-knows-how-high it will have to go in the very near future.

This is especially — and let’s face it, nobody deserves it more — going to hit class warfare artists preaching “tax & spend!” the hardest, I am predicting. It always has during such times, after all. Including people who thought they were somehow protected from the fruits of their own agendas they want pushed only on others.

I’ll give two real life examples of this.

First is the late publisher William Randolph Hearst.

Nobody preached being “progressive” as much as him.

In his biography “The Chief” there is an especially amusing example of how his class warfare antics to sell his papers threatened to come back and take a big, wet bite out of his empire.

Here is a quote from the book to show what I mean:

“All his life, Hearst had advocated government regulation…But he never imagined that such regulation would ever be extended to…newspaper publishing, which he believed was explicitly protected by the First Amendment. He was not only astounded then, but outraged…that [FDR’s adminstration] expected the newspaper publishers to draw up their own industry-wide code, with regulation on minimum wages and maximum hours.”

Suddenly, his own employees wanted to unionize, etc.

Something he was all for, when it applied to other industries.

Just not his own…

Ah, the sweet smell of hypocrisy never ceases to be pleasing to elBenbo’s righteous nostrils.

Amusing stuff, indeed.

Just as I am finding a more contemporary example of this phenomenon amusing. Specifically, a push by the tax & spend politicians who want to alter the social security taxes laws in a way that will dramatically reduce the paychecks & severely punish the way of life – with the stroke of a pen – of the very professional occupations (like teachers, professors, journalists, so-called life coaches, etc) whose ranks are mostly filled with virtue signaling “tax the rich!” types.

Anyway, those are just a couple examples of this.

The law of unintended consequences always hits the very people who want to push their nonsense on others, while exempting themselves, the hardest, and rightfully so.

Such is the fate of all useful idiots…

Thus the two reasons for bringing all this up:

First, as a nice little taste of what to expect eventually.

Dan Kennedy’s advice is more real now than when he wrote his book. Make your money, now, as fast as you can now, as later it’s going to get a helluva lot more expensive to make it. And especially seek professional advice on how to better weather this now, well in advance.

Secondly, to tease the January “Email Players” issue.

The deadline to get it is today.

And, it includes a bonus elBenbo’s Lair insert making the case for why I think we actually have much bigger problems than mere taxation. And, in fact, I don’t believe the US will even exist in its current form past another 2-3 election cycles. And I not only talk about this in detail in that bonus insert, but give some other dire predictions about it, as well as some more warnings.

Of course, maybe everything I predict will turn out to be false.

And, maybe life will go on as it always has.

People have, after all, been predicting this sort of thing for 100+ years now. But, the exact “perfect storm” of socioeconomic, cultural, ideological, political, moral, and other unique factors at play is pretty compelling.

Anyway, I don’t really give any answers or solutions.

But, I do think I make a decent case for the problem.

What you do with that info is up to you…

Whatever the case, whatever happens, the ability to sell, market, and persuade will be always be valuable and, in my opinion, necessary in the coming months and years and decades regardless of what happens.

Thus, the secret copywriting technique the January issue teaches.

It is not only extremely effective today, but I believe as people get more weary of marketing, and quicker to discard, and more likely to have contempt for those trying to sell them anything… this info will be vital.

The deadline to get this issue is in mere hours.

After that, you won’t be able to get it, as I shut stragglers out.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

P.S. If you are going to celebrate New Years Eve tonight, act responsibly, keep your wits, and, if nothing else, if you run out of stuff to talk about you can always talk about the end of the US for a few giggles or squeals of delight.

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