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Last year, to promote my book about list building, Yours Humbly made a claim in front of God and everyone that I have one of the single most responsive lists in my niche/industry/space.

This sounds like hype and puffery to some.

But it is obvious to those I’ve sold for as an affiliate.

Like, for example, the great Brian Kurtz.

I’ve mailed for his offers many times.

And, he once said calling my list “simply a ‘list’ does it a disservice.” Especially after promoting his Titans of Direct Response offer — a $2,000 offer that was mostly about offline marketing, and would not normally appeal to an online marketing list such as mine — to the tune of nearly 50 sales, completely blowing away all his other affiliates by a country mile, including those with much bigger lists and name recognition.

Here’s why I bring this up at the risk of sounding like an obnoxious braggart:

While it’s obvious to those I’ve mailed for, what’s not-so-obvious is why it’s so responsive.

Someone merely looking at the surface elements, will say it’s my copywriting, or the quality of the offers, or my testimonials/track record, or the distinct brand I cultivate, or any number of easily observable things I do, and have done for many years.

And while those no doubt are a factor, they are not the whole story.

A lot of the responsiveness goes deeper than that.

Specifically, it’s by applying the 10 “secrets” I write about in the plain vanilla pages of the the March “Email Players” issue — which is all about selling & positioning your business in a way where you have far more high quality people on your list than not, who are hungry to learn more, and thus are more receptive to legitimately valuable offers, which means they are more likely to use those offers, which means they are more likely to benefit from those offers, which means they are more likely to want more such offers.

Including high-ticket offers, services, and products.

In many ways, my Horde responds much better to the higher ticket offers than the lower ticket offers I sometimes sell, since a low price is probably something they feel is “beneath” them, simply because it is low.

I am the exact same way, and use low prices as a way to weed out, too.

Time is valuable, and anything that helps save me that precious commodity is worth more than whatever extra I might have to pay.

It’s all very simple, really:

We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.

And, thus, I have a list of “me’s” — i.e., people who want high quality, expect to pay top dollar for high quality, and have a certain kind of contempt for anything that is not high quality, price be dayemed.

Again, very simple.

But, what is not so simple is how to shape a list like this.

Which brings me back to the March issue.

If you want to know how I do it, simply subscribe before tomorrow’s deadline.

I won’t promise the info will “WOW!!!” you.

But I can promise if you apply it, take it seriously, and really own it as a way of doing business, you will get very different results probably than what you are getting now from your list over time.

Hit that sour little link below to subscribe in time, while you still can:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
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