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“You gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.”

— Mark Hanna
“The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Many suns ago, my pal Rob Swanson observed a little-known truth about email opt-outs that shows how utterly insane it can be to:

1. Worry about them

2. Try to get them lower

3. Not work hard at getting many MORE than you are getting now

Here is how he ‘splained it:

“I’ve been running a promotion for the past 36 hours. And, right now I’m hanging strong at about $92.80 per opt-out. It just reminds me that I would NOT have made all that money if I was afraid of opt-outs. Truth is…there’s really no “science” to this and there’s no “target” number you’re shooting for. It’s not like an EPC calculation. Really all you need are opt-outs and revenue and bam, you’ve got yourself a cool new stat. It’s a pretty simple plan really. The point is simply to remind yourself that if you’re not mailing (a lot), your not making nearly as much money as you should be. So, don’t let the fear of opt-outs stifle your revenue. Hit send and fire away.”

True words have nary been spoken.

And guess what?

To prove just how true this is, page 13 of the upcoming October “Email Players” issue gives a rare and very detailed peek at exactly how much of the green stuff my net opt-outs have been worth for the various affiliate offers, special sales, and launch campaigns I did over the course of an entire year.

Each offer is listed from 6/18 – 6/19 (when I wrote the October issue)

Each net opt out total is listed.

And, yes, each sales figure is listed, along with the per-opt out value.

And, for now, I’ll just say this:

Even though I’ve known and agreed with what Rob was saying for well over a decade now, even I did not realize just how much opt-outs are worth, and now work even harder to get those opt-out numbers up.

To get the full story you’ll have to get the October issue.

This baby goes to the printer soon.

So if you want it, I suggest high-tailing it to the link below right away:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
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