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Earlier last week I got this question:

“Hey Ben! I know you only reply to people who have bought your Email Players subscription but recently I’ve been having a problem with my Email Sending Reputation and every email I send is going to spam. Do you have any advice for that? You don’t have to reply but maybe talk about this in one of your emails. If you have any advice on that it will literally save my business.”

I have several things to say about this.

First, in my experience, it is far more important to spend your time on writing better emails people want to read, want to respond to, and want to buy from, than stressing over your sending reputation.

Frankly, I admittedly know very little about the technicalities of it.

And, there are probably many others who can more intelligently discuss it.

But what I do know is this:

The better I get at writing emails… the more I learn how to bond with my list… the higher number of emails I send that people want to read… the less I care about such things and the more my sales go up each year.

I have never once worried about getting better delivery.

Or my “sender reputation.”

Or how often I end up in gmail’s spam or promotions folders.

If anything, I am starting to wonder if my sales go up because of the spam and promotions folder. I have had way too many people tell me “Ben I just want you to know, I subscribed to “Email Players” but the email I bought from was in spam…”

They tell me this as a heads up.

But, I see it as a secret advantage:

When you write emails each day people want to read and buy from (like I teach in “Email Players” each month), they seek you out. They look for you in those folders. And, when they see you there, you have zero competition amongst the legitimate spam, sextortion emails, and other nonsense.

There’s far more competition in the actual inbox.

Anyway, do with this info what you want.

If you want to learn my ways of doing this, and if you want to get in on the December “Email Players” issue (which has a lot about list-building in it) before the looming deadline Friday, go here:

Ben Settle

P.S. Lest you think I’m full of hot air with my attitude above about not caring about these things, I once talked about this in one of my old Facebook groups. And, the great Marc Goldman (who has owned his own Email Service Provider service for 20 some years, and I would bet understands email deliverability better than just about anyone) said the following:

“… your approach of not giving a shit about being in the Spam or Promo folder is the absolute RIGHT ONE. When you stop caring bout gaming the system and just float content – whether it be in SEO or EMAIL, my theory is that you get points from the bigger providers for being who you are (and you are right – you can stand out a hell of a lot more and since your peeps want to read you and will MOVE you out of the Spam folder that actually matters MORE than any naked ink will.”

And you know what?

I believe this applies even more when you generate leads the way I describe in the December issue.

If this interests you, hop on the B-train today.

Once I send it to the printer, that’s it, and you miss out.

  • Novelist
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