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Let me tell you about the country’s top concealed carry instructor.

He lives out in the bung hole of the universe (or within burping distance of it) in the county I used to live in… is one of the NRA’s top-ranked concealed carry instructors… is easily the greatest infotainer I have ever seen (I wrote an “Email Players” issue just on his methods a couple years ago)… and, he is never lacking for business with an almost rabid level of loyalty from his fans, even though:

1. He’s kind of a prick and is “mean”

2. He’s more expensive than other instructors in his area (he donates it all, but his up-sell game during his class is A+)

3. He is harder to get into learn from than others in the area — being booked solid sometimes for months in advance

4. He literally has contempt for his students

Here’s why I mean by contempt:

He actually loves and respects his serious students who go out and actually start carrying after they get their concealed carry license from the Socialist Republic of Oregon.

But, those who don’t?

He literally said in his class:


“People will come say hi to me on the street after taking my class. And the first thing I ask them is, ‘are you carrying?’ If they say no, I tell them to go away. I don’t want you trying to talk to me if after this class you get your license and are not carrying.”

i.e. Don’t waste his time if you aren’t serious.

He only wants to associate with gun owners who carry and not those who aren’t.

Now, there are many lessons to learn just from this.

Such as the amazing persuasion power of not being Needy.

The importance of having cold indifference.

And, especially, his truly spectacular customer *curation* game.

I have never seen anyone curate the way he does.

And, he was one of my inspirations over the years for the 4-point method I use to curate my customers — keeping the low class jackasses and new product junkies out, while making my business, my offers, and my daily emails far more attractive to grownup business owners — and have a far more successful, stable, and ever-increasing-in-profits business.

A methodology I teach in the May issue.

But, that miserable old deadline is coming fast, though.

To get it in time, go here immediately:

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  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Anti-Professional
  • Pulp Novelist
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