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“Email Players” subscriber Jon Workman chimes in:


Just wanted to send you some props for a couple of things.

1 – This week I’ve used your [NOTE: a method I taught in the January issue this month — elBenbo] teachings to sell my book and it’s working like a champ, with little to no shrinking of my list. If all goes as planned it will pay for groceries this month, or 6 months of email players. Either way, that’s a big deal to me.

It’s also produced an opportunity to use your “troll techniques” on one single, very mild, lonely troll. But I’ll use it nonetheless.

2 – Recently watched a few f-book videos of a marketing guru who says: 1 – Email is dead and everyone should move on. No one reads emails anymore. 2 – I don’t have a “real business” because I’m not making $500k a month like he does (insert video of him turning up his nose and getting into his Bentley).

I actually am glad he’s teaching that about email. That means my emails will be more noticeable and it won’t be so hard to get them opened. Everyone else can have the social media spotlights.

And as far as my “non-business” goes, like I said, it’s putting food on the table this month. My kids think that’s a big deal too.

Thanks for your teachings. Email players has been a fantastic investment (and much more affordable than the tens of thousands it would cost to work with said gooroo).

No regrets.

Thank you, Mr. Workman.

(What an apt last name…)

Anywhat, the February issue deadline approaches like a goo-roo racing to the newest marketing fad.

It’s all about building an email list.

Specifically, a way I use to (legally and ethically):

1. “Siphon” traffic from others (including from Facebook, Google, etc) — without these sites and their masters even knowing about it, much less have anything to say about it

2. Get this traffic 100% free — as far as paying money, there is a small one-time investment of time and energy

3. Nab only the best leads — the kind that are likely to want to buy from you before even getting on your list, and stay with you for many years to come if you follow my loving, tender email ways

You only have a little more time to subscribe to get it.

(Deadline is this Thursday 1/31/19)

Here’s the link:

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  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Anti-Professional
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  • Alt-Copywriter

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