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I recently saw some of Iliza Shlesinger’s standup Netflix act “Elder Millennial.”

And in one part of it, she dropped some advanced wisdom for the discerning marketer.

Here it is:

But we cherish our rejections. They give us texture, personality. We take each one and we label it. We label each issue, each past grievance, in its own Mason jar. It’s very rustic. Pin it. And we put it… into our sack of emotional baggage…and we throw that baggage over our shoulder and what do we do, girls? We then walk it into the new relationship. Yes. And the best part is, the new boyfriend… has no idea… what you’re hauling. And he welcomes you. Yes, he welcomes you to the new union. Come on in. You seem pretty cool and well-adjusted. And you’re, like, “Oh, I am! Yes, this seems like a safe place for me to… UNPACK MY SHIT!!!

It all reminded me of what I call “Damaged Customers.”

i.e., People who have been hurt, scammed, lied to, jaded by, and even outright fleeced by some unscrupulous sociopath in some horrible way that not only damages that would-be customer emotionally, but they bring that “baggage” to you when they buy from you or, even worse, if they hire you if you do client work.

All the evil someone perpetuated on them is projected on you.

All the skepticism they have is “unpacked” in front of you.

And they not only turn out to be horrible customers/clients who question your every move, assume you’re up to the worst possible scam, and are out to “get” them… but they are, ironically, MORE prone to being attracted to, want to give money to, and believe the other bad guys trawling the internet, and end up in a perpetuating cycle of being more screwed over, more jaded, and more likely to treat those who can actually help them as if they were the devil incarnate.

It’s a strange phenomenon I’ve witnessed and seen some of my freelancing friends’ experience.

And it exists in both personal & business relationships.

Which brings me to my own punchline:

The March “Email Players” issue.

It won’t do you much good with the damaged types above, but it can help you win over the run of the mill skeptics (intelligent skepticism is a healthy mindset, in my opinion, and a hallmark of great customers & clients) who have money to spend and are looking for a solution they can use. As well as help you stand out like a wet fart in study hall from the posers & wannabes haunting social media pounding their chests about how great they think they are, position your business & your brand high above all that nonsense, and allow even the raw newbie to potentially command higher fees and respect for their work and products.

The only caveat is, you have to offer legitimate value and do right by them.

Otherwise, everything in the March issue will work against you.

And, possibly, land you in legal and other hot water.

(As, with at least one of the tips inside, it did a certain doctor who made millions sewing goat testicles on humans many years ago, but that’s a story for another time…)

But if you aren’t a lying charlatan you won’t have to worry about that.


In order to extract any value from this issue you also need patience and the character to consistently apply the info over the coming months, years, and decades, and not be a weak-minded quitter attitude with using it just because it is hard work to do it over time, takes a fair bit of courage to apply, and requires building a business with the long view, with a strategy & fundamentals-focused mindset vs a tricks & tactics & “hacks”- focused mindset.

That disqualifies probably 95% of those reading this.

All right, let’s get down to brass tacks:

The March “Email Players” issue is going to the printer in a few days.

Here’s where to get your lovin’ while you still can:

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