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Your Daily Email Addiction

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For the February Valentine’s Day issue of “Email Players” next month I’ve decided to teach an important lesson for sensitive people:



No, I am not talking about that kind of swinging.


Get your head out of the gutter, Chuckles.

I’m going deep into what I call “list swinging”, to build your email list.

The entire issue is just about this topic.

And, specifically, it’s a way that not only delivers your business the very best kind of leads and customers (in my experience, at least), but is essentially free, and is 100% impervious to the wiles and whims of the paid advertising (and content creation) rules at Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, and all the other SJW-converged platforms that thought-police, ban, and de-platform anyone who steps too far outside the Narrative they cultivate on their sites.

Even better:

Your business is not only immune to the powers-that-wannabe at these sites from banning your advertising, content, and even your very accounts… but it lets you:

1. “Siphon” traffic from these sites — with these sites and their masters not even knowing about it, much less have anything to say about it

2. Get this traffic 100% free — as far as paying money, there is a small one-time investment of time and energy

3. Nab only the best leads — the kind that are likely to want to buy from you before even getting on your list, and stay with you for many years to come if you follow my loving, tender email ways

Bottom line?

I can teach you all the best ways to write emails I know.

I can show you how to be the best copywriter you can be, too.

And, I can impart upon you lots of ways I know (and use) to convert more leads into long term buyers your competition will never use much less know about.

But, it’s all for naught if you don’t have a list.

And, even more important, a responsive list you are consistently growing.

Especially if, like Yours Unruly, you can’t be bothered to learn (or use) paid traffic. Personally, I refuse to give money to Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc and follow their draconian rules to generate traffic. Plus, they were never very good for generating the kind of leads I am specifically looking for, anyway. I have discovered over the years that all of my best customers find me through some kind of referral marketing — especially the methods I’m going to be talking about in the February and March issues.

Anyway, the deadline to subscribe to the February issue is coming fast.

After the deadline, I’m setting this issue (and the March issue) aside to make it part of a high ticket product I’m cooking up about list-building using my free and “evergreen” ways.

To subscribe in time to get the February issue before the deadline (1/31/2019) go here:

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  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
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